12 Everyday Uses for Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of our favorite essential oils to use in DIY projects. It has many great properties and it’s an essential oil that most are familiar with and feel comfortable using.

Eucalyptus essential oil is diverse and easy to use. In fact, it’s one of my top five must-have essential oils because it has so many properties!

Eucalyptus oil is:

  • Analgesic (pain relieving)
  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Disinfectant
  • Expectorant

However, I often hear people say that they have essential oils and they want to use them, but they just don’t know how. So today, I thought I’d share 12 simple uses for eucalyptus essential oil. (Find 100% pure eucalyptus essential oil for all these uses here.)

1. Bathroom Cleaner

Eucalyptus essential oil is a great germ killer, so I like to use it to clean my bathroom. I use it in a spray bottle to clean the sink and around my toilet and use it with baking soda and vinegar to clean the toilet bowl.

Here’s our Homemade Toilet Cleaner recipe.

2. Chest Congestion

Eucalyptus is a wonderful decongestant and I like to dilute it in a carrier oil to use as a chest decongestant. Mix it with a few other essential oils to make a great vapor rub.

Here’s our Homemade Vapor Rub recipe.

3. Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are no fun and it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. One way I treat them naturally is by using eucalyptus essential oil in my Neti pot saline solution. After a few uses, there’s a noticeable difference in how well I breathe and how stuffed up my head feels.

Here are some helpful tips for Sinus Infection Treatment.

4. Air Freshener

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of my favorite oils to put in my diffuser. I often run our diffuser in our bus and like eucalyptus because it smells great and kills bacteria and viruses that might make us sick.

Here’s a diffuser that I really like.

5. Airway Opener

Here’s another great way to use eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser. Eucalyptus is great at decongesting and opening airways, so I like to put it in my diffuser when my kids are sounding stuffy from a cold or allergies. Running the diffuser at night with eucalyptus also helps a certain someone in our house snore less (ahem).

6. Shower Cleaner

Team up tea tree essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil to make a mold-killing spray for your shower. Add 5 drops of each to a spray bottle full of water (I typically use a 16 oz. glass spray bottle) and spray down your shower after each use.

7. Vacuum Sachets

Here’s another great way to use eucalyptus essential oil as an air freshener: vacuum it up! Mix 3-4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil with one cup of baking soda, sprinkle it on your carpets and then vacuum. Or, you can try our vacuum sachets.

Find our recipe for Vacuum Sachets here.

8. Flea Control

Want to keep fleas away from your pet naturally? Try eucalyptus essential oil. Mix 3-4 drops into your pet’s shampoo or make your own flea collar.

Here’s an easy DIY Flea Collar.

9. Steam Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to get rid of a stubborn headache. Some essential oils can be applied topically to make a headache go away, but with eucalyptus, try creating steam that you can inhale. This is especially helpful if your headache is caused by sinus issues.

You can find simple instructions for using steam aromatherapy in our Natural Headache Remedies.

10. Natural Sunscreen

Eucalyptus oil has a very low natural SPF. While you might not use it by itself to offer protection from UV rays, you could always add it to your own homemade sunscreen.

Here’s our Homemade Sunscreen recipe.

11. Insect Repellent

Many bugs are not fond of eucalyptus, so add it to a homemade insect repellent to ward them off during summer months. You can use it by itself or combine it with other bug-repelling essential oils, like lavender.

Here’s our recipe for a Simple Natural Bug Spray.

12. Floor Cleaner

Keeping your floors clean can be done simply with hot water and eucalyptus essential oil. For wood floors, fill a spray bottle with hot water and add 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Spray and clean. For other floors, add 15 drops to a gallon of hot water and mop away.


Avoid using eucalyptus essential oil topically with babies or small children. It’s always important to dilute eucalyptus essential oil in a carrier oil before using it on your skin. Consult with a healthcare practitioner knowledgable about essential oils before using eucalyptus essential oil during pregnancy. Only use 100% pure essential oils (like the ones found here.)

How do you use eucalyptus essential oil?


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  1. WendellCartwright says

    Get a hold Aromatherapy! Aromatherapy essential oil has naturally-occurring antispasmodic properties. It is effective for treating a wide range of digestive complaints, such as easing irritable bowel syndrome, cramping or stomach spasms and pain.

  2. Paula Adams says

    I have had a nasty cold (aren’t all colds nasty) and part of my job is spending lots of time on the phone. I can’t be coughing and blowing my nose. I also need to get my sleep as I work 12 hour shifts. I have discovered I can apply some Eucalypus oil to a handkerchief or tissue and breathe it in and it will control the coughs and clear my nose for at least an hour. I carried the bottle to work tonight and I am sharing it with co-workers. I think I have some converts!

  3. Rhonda Endriss says

    I am interested in reading about how to make the vacuum sachets, but when I click on the link it says page not found, can you help me?

  4. Christy says

    My favorite use of eucalyptus oil is to put a few drops of oil in the toilet before number 2. Sounds gross and maybe crazy, but it definitely works! Makes a dramatic difference in the smell of the bathroom afterward!

  5. Binta says

    I use neat Eucalyptus oil on fresh oil stains on cotton clothing – I believe it ‘eats’ the oil. Just dab a few drops onto oil-spot, leave for a few minutes to activate and wash as usual – fat stains will miraculously disappear! Stubborn spots may need more than 1 treatment and do not iron the oil stain in.

  6. Brenda Smith says

    Essential oils can react differently on cats, so if you’re concerned about this don’t forget to search Google, do further research, and find a solution you’re comfortable with.

  7. Barb says

    Re: #9 Steam Therapy, I have COPD and am trying to reduce my inhaler use by using steam therapy. Rather than the pot of steam and a towel, I boil distilled water with a pinch of sea salt, then add it to an insulated thermos to which I have placed my essential oil blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, naioli and others. I place the twist cap on and can take off when needed to breath in the vapors through my mouth. It may last for a few hours.

  8. Beryl Ludwig says

    I have many uses for Eucalyptus oil; but I did learn from your suggestions. Thanks for all of your helpful hints.
    I understand that there may be a residual smell in the plastic bottles we use for different types of essential oil sprays. Don’t you think recommending a plastic bottle used exclusively in the bathroom would be much safer? I wouldn’t want to use a glass spray bottle , especially designed without a shape that would be liable to slip out of your hand while using in the shower or it could fall off the tub when sitting it down. I think that you should make this point when recommending your solution for keeping mold from gathering, and keeping your shower spic and span between uses.

  9. Emily Phillips says

    If anyone is concerned about eucalyptus oil pertaining to babies and toddlers, I have found Robert Tisserand’s books very helpful.