A No-Sew Way to Make Your Own Lavender Bunnies

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Lavender Bunny

This adorable lavender bunny project yields the perfect spring decor. They’re easy to make, aromatic, and will make your home look and smell like spring!

Sewing is a skill that I have never mastered. I can manage to mend a little tear with a needle and thread, but sit me behind a sewing machine and I am lost. Maybe I don’t have the patience that sewing takes.

However, there are a few times when I wish I would be able to use a sewing machine. A few weeks ago I saw some adorable lavender sachets sewn-in animal shapes. They were so cute and I wanted to make some bunnies for springtime!

Since I can’t sew using a machine, I went looking for a way to make a no-sew version. It was much easier than I thought! Using some old socks, I was able to make my own adorable version.

As a bonus, I was cleaning out my sons’ closet and found some tiny bow ties from they were babies. I knew these would be so perfect for my little bunnies and what a sweet reminder of my boys.

Lavender Bunny Filling

To stuff these bunnies, I knew I would never have enough dried lavender. Plus it would be so expensive to use all lavender! Instead, I chose a mixture of lavender and rice.

I happened to have some expired brown rice in my closet, so I chose that because I would have thrown it away otherwise. I experimented and found a mixture of 1:2, lavender to rice, would work perfectly.

Because I wanted it to smell a little stronger, I put a few drops of lavender essential oil in the mixture. This is absolutely optional and you will still have a subtle smelling lavender bunny if you leave out the lavender essential oil.

Choosing the Right Socks

For this DIY, you’ll definitely want to select hole-free, somewhat thick socks although thinner ones will work. Also, you want to choose adult socks that are longer. Low cut socks will not work for this DIY.

One of my bunnies is made from a wool sock, whose partner mysteriously disappeared. The other is made from my husband’s dress socks, which he hasn’t worn in years! Both held up quite nicely.

I find that more aroma came from the thinner dress sock bunny at first, but after a few weeks, the woolen sock bunny smelled stronger.

Lavender Bunny (No-Sew Version)


  • 2 long socks
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • scissors
  • string
  • Bow ties, ribbon, dried flowers, etc.



  1. In a medium-sized bowl, combine rice, lavender flowers and lavender essential oil (if using).
  2. Stir well using a spoon and allow the rice to soak up the lavender essential oil for a few minutes.
  3. Place a sock in a tall drinking glass or mason jar and stretch the sock over the rim of the glass/jar.
  4. Using a spoon, fill the sock 1/3 full will the rice and lavender mixture.
  5. Remove the sock from the cup and tie string around the sock, pushing the rice mixture down to form a small ball. This will be the body of the bunny.
  6. Place the lavender bunny sock back in the glass, stretching the sock over the rim once more. Fill the bunny with a few more spoonfuls of the rice mixture to form the head of the bunny. Remove from the glass.
  7. Pushing the rice mixture down, tie a string at the top of the bunny’s head, making sure to leave plenty of leftover sock for the ears.
  8. To make the bunny’s ears, first cut the leftover sock down to the right height (about 2 inches). Cut a line down the middle. Shape the ears with scissors by cutting them into ovals.
  9. To make the bunny’s take, pinch a small bunch of the rice/lavender mixture near the bottom of the bunny’s body and tie a string around it tightly.
  10. Adorn your bunny with decorations like bow ties, ribbon or even dried flowers.


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Did you try making a lavender bunny of your own? Tell us about it.


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