How to Make Naturally Sweetened Chocolates

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Homemade Chocolate

Homemade chocolate made with natural sweetener – what could be better? Follow this recipe for homemade chocolates and enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt.

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Chocolate and peanut butter. They just go so well together – like socks and shoes, or eggs and bacon. And when I’m craving something rich and sweet, a little chocolate laced with peanut butter always does the trick! (Don’t like peanut butter with your chocolate? Stay tuned – I’ll show you how to make plain homemade chocolate too!)

The best part? I don’t have to purchase expensive chocolates that may still contain ingredients I don’t want to eat. You can learn how to make your own with only a few healthful ingredients – and refined sugar is NOT one of them!

Indulging in these homemade chocolates is also a good way to get some healthful coconut oil into your diet. According to Nourishing Traditions, coconut oil is a saturated fat that is comprised of roughly two-thirds medium-chain fatty acids. The book goes on to explain the following about coconut oil:

This type of saturated fat does not need to be emulsified by bile salts but is absorbed directly from the small intestine to the liver, where it is converted into quick energy. These fatty acids also have antimicrobial, antitumor and immune-system-supporting properties.

Highly saturated tropical oils do not contribute to heart disease but have nourished healthy populations for millennia.

So you see, I suppose we could call these “life-saving homemade chocolates” if we really wanted to. {wink}

Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Chocolates

Homemade Chocolate 1



  1. In a small saucepan over low heat, combine coconut oil, peanut butter, honey, and vanilla extract. Stir until smooth.
  2. Add remaining ingredients – cocoa powder and sea salt – and blend well with a whisk until creamy.
  3. Pour chocolate mixture into a mini muffin pan or silicone candy molds. (Make cute candy shapes with this mold or this mold.)
  4. Place chocolates into the freezer until solid, then pop out of molds.
  5. Transfer to a sealed container and refrigerate. (Since they contain coconut oil they will be a little melty if left at room temp.)

These homemade chocolates will last in the refrigerator for several weeks. I DARE you to see if you can make them last that long, though!

Variations on Homemade Chocolates

One of the best parts about these homemade chocolates is that you can make them with any flavor variation you prefer!

  • Omit the peanut butter if you want plain chocolate.
  • Add orange zest to the top if you like orange-flavored chocolates.
  • Increase the peanut butter if you want a more prominent peanut butter flavor.
  • Add about ½ teaspoon cinnamon for cinnamon chocolates.
  • I have even put dried lavender flowers into the bottom of my molds before pouring the liquid chocolate for a very mild lavender chocolate.

What would you add to make these homemade chocolates perfect for your taste buds?


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  1. Ruth says

    I know you use honey or other sweetners in this, but would it taste okay with regular sugar? I love an occasional chocolate and don’t mind finding an acceptable type of sugar because I prefer the taste. Would a substitution be possible? I do plan on making a sugar substitute also.

  2. Christy says

    We’ve made these already a couple of times and love them!! I’m thinking about adding almonds to them the next time..I bet that would be yummy! I normally buy the hersheys brand cocoa from the that an ok brand to buy?? I’ve also heard of cacao..have u ever heard of that? I’m wondering what the difference u know? It’s pretty pricey so it must have something special about it but I’m just wondering if it’s really that much different compared to the hersheys. Thank you!!!!! 🙂

    • Betsy Jabs says

      I *think* Hersheys is actually a decent brand when buying cocoa powder, although I haven’t researched this extensively. The whole cacao/cocoa issue can be a little confusing, especially since some companies use it as a marketing strategy, when their product is not actually cacao. Cocoa powder & cacao powder both come from the cacao bean. True cacao is supposed to have even more health benefits than cocoa, and is a raw product. (Lots of raw foodies swear by it as a “raw chocolate superfood.”) Cocoa powder is actually a heat refined product. We’ve been wanting to experiment with real cacao powder, but haven’t had the chance yet!

  3. Christy says

    Is the one cup of coconut oil after it’s melted? Also, is coconut oil still good for you even if it’s not the kind that taste like coconut? I don’t think I would like the coconut flavor but just wondering if I would still get the same health benefits. Thanks!!!! 🙂

    • Betsy Jabs says

      That is one cup of coconut oil before it is melted. Expeller pressed coconut oil (the kind without the coconut flavor) is still good for you. It’s a little more refined, but still has wonderful health benefits. We use it sometimes (especially in recipes) when we don’t want coconut flavor.

  4. Karen says

    AMAZING!!! Instead of the peanut butter I did Coconut and toasted almonds so they are like mini almond joys but a 1000 times better!!!



    • Betsy Jabs says

      Yumm! Coconut shreds would be fabulous in these! If you leave out the peanut butter you can decrease the coconut oil by a little bit if you like, but I just use the same amount.

  6. Michele G says

    I absolutely love your site! I stumbled upon it several months ago and it has been a breakthrough in my life. I have started changing my house into an all natural environment and it was all inspired by your site. Thank you so much! This article just gives me one more reason to have dessert 🙂

  7. Chris V says

    Thank you so much for this recipe!!!! I am going to my kitchen to make it right now. I can’t have dairy or sugar and won’t tolerate all the other junk in sugar free chocolate. Maltitol???
    I miss my lindt dark chocolate and this could be a revelation!!! I am going to try it with some peppermint too……drool

  8. jennifer C says

    I make these with a blend of Erythritol and pure Stevia Extract for a sugar free version! Yummy!

  9. II says

    I know you like to keep things simple around here but was wondering how melty they get staying out at room temperature and if there is anything you can add to remedy this. A friend of mine would love these (she can’t have soy so has to avoid pretty much all chocolate bars), but she is in college and doesn’t have a fridge…and having melted chocolate all over the place isn’t an appealing idea.

  10. Karen says

    Here’s an idea: raspberry flavor! Perhaps you could puree the raspberries and maybe reduce the honey so it’s not too sweet.

  11. Hilda Hurtel says

    How timely! We are planning a family camping trip with an older son who eats Paleo style. I’ll be making this for him and the rest of us will be trying it too!

  12. katrina says

    Hi, what could u use instead of honey? I have a sensitivity to it. I would love to try with sunflower butter instead of nuts!

    • Betsy Jabs says

      Sure! You can also use pure maple syrup (same amount), or any other sweetener you feel comfortable with. You may have to adjust measurements depending on which sweetener you use though.

  13. Shari says

    Yum – great recipe! I’ve made something similar, so I’m excited to see how this turns out. My favorite addition is some peppermint or spearmint essential oils or extracts. Minty chocolate? Totally my favorite!

    • Shelley says

      I wanted to make these SO bad that I couldn’t wait for the “how many would it make” reply. I did one mini muffin pan of 12 and had enough for another 12 in mini paper baking cups. These are incredible! They’re so easy and taste like they came from a gourmet chocolate shop. This is going to be something I will make for Christmas this year, maybe with a little fancy something on top. I’ll figure that out later. Thanks so much for the recipe.

      • Betsy Jabs says

        Yaaaaaay! Glad you love them! Isn’t it awesome how easy and quick they are to make? They WILL become one of your new favorite snacks. I speak from experience. 🙂

      • Shelley says

        I just made these again but omitted the peanut butter, used one teaspoon vanilla instead of two, and added 1/2 tsp of peppermint extract. They turned out really good also.

  14. Kristen says


  15. Helen says

    Finally! Chocolate candy without the chemicals, preservatives and sugar. Well, I guess I owe you my life. 😉

  16. lisa says

    hi betsy, great post! i was wondering, i recently bought some bars of unsweetened chocolate for this purpose exactly! i’m trying to avoid all refined sugar. what do you think about using that bar of chocolate for this recipe? or is cocoa powder the best choice? thanks 🙂

    • Betsy Jabs says

      I’m wondering what other ingredients are in your unsweetened chocolate bars? Sometimes they’ll use things like soy lecithin as an emulsifier. (We’re not fans of soy – see one of my comments above to another reader.) However, if you’re comfortable with the ingredients listed on your bar chocolate than go ahead and use it!

      • lisa says

        good point, i try to avoid soy as well. it’s Ghiradelli 100% cocao unsweetened chocolate, and the ingredients say “unsweetened chocolate”….however, below that it says MAY contain tree nuts, milk, and soy. a bit vague there! i’ll make them your way, i can’t wait! thanks again, i love your site :))

  17. Anne Thompson says

    Hi! I LOVE your website. It gives me so many great ideas to get started with! Among other things, I am the proud owner of a homemade worm farm because of you!
    I wondered about using silicone. I’ve avoided plastics, especially for food. Is silicone immune from the criticisms of other plastics?
    Thank you so much for what you do!

    • Betsy Jabs says

      Yay for worm farms!!! 🙂
      We don’t often use silicone, because I think the verdict is still out. But many people feel very comfortable using them. Deep down I just feel like some issue will surface down the road – just like the whole BPA issue.

  18. October says

    I recently toured a chocolate factory and remember how they made it seem like soy lecithin was pretty much a necessity of good chocolate and I thought, oh really, like nothing existed before this additive & I guess we just can’t avoid it… I don’t know what benefit is gives, but I’m glad to see some chocolate that doesn’t have any : ) I’m excited to try this when I can get some extra coconut oil!

    • Betsy Jabs says

      Oh, how funny. They didn’t happen to mention that soy contains phytoestrogens that are endocrine disruptors, or that soy has high levels of phytates that prevent our bodies from absorbing minerals and vitamins, or that eating soy products leave our bodies needing more Vitamin D? Sorry…small rant. 🙂 Can you tell I hate it when companies act like certain things are wonderful, magical ingredients? LOL.