Making Your Own Nut Butter is Easy and Delicous

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We love nut butters! We use them in smoothies, on sandwiches, and occasionally when no one is looking by the spoonful. However, store bought peanut butter is full of ingredients I try to avoid feeding my family, like sugars and hydrogenated vegetable oils. On the other hand the natural brands are often far more expensive then we can afford. So, we make our own!

Making your own is an easy process that allows you to customize the ingredients and flavors.

Homemade Nut Butter

Making Your Nut Butter

Things you’ll need


Add your nuts into your food processor and start processing! After a bit you will end up with a nut flour consistency. Make sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl and get all the good stuff blended smooth. If you are like me at this point you will be dying to add some liquids to hurry this process along – but don’t. The nuts will turn to butter in their own time.

For me, timing has varied but you should start seeing smooth looking butter in about 10 minutes. It might be a little less or more depending on the speed and strength of your food processor.

Now you have your own homemade nut butter! You can add cocoa, honey, cinnamon, or whatever else you want to spice things up a bit or leave it as is. We love to add some cocoa and smear it on toast or a little cinnamon and use it as a fruit dip.

 Kitchen Notes

  • Watch your food processor and start slowly. You don’t want to burn up the motor (not that I’ve done that.)
  • Make sure you save any extra ingredients until AFTER you’ve blended your butter – adding during will mess up the process.
  • If you want a roasted nut butter just pop your nuts in the oven ahead of time.
  • I know for certain this butter is good for at least a week – it never lasts longer than that around here.

Of course, if you don’t want to make it yourself you can find great nut butters at, or your local health food store.

Have you ever made your own nut butters? What type is your favorite?


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  1. Evy MacPhee says

    I yearn after a Vitamix.

    Meanwhile, my nearby Kroger (Fred Meyers) and not so nearby Winco both have grind your own peanut and almond butter. I am spoiled.

    I am trying to cut sugar out of my diet. I can manage to eat baker’s chocolate, 100% cocoa, with almond butter and like it OK.

    Love your blog posts!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Velma says

    You are so “write”/”right”….it doesn’t get any simpler, or healthier than this!! Namaste.

  3. Patti says

    You say this lasts about a week, but how much does it make? What are your starting measurements? I would like to try this, but want to know how many pounds of nuts do I need to start with to make a “jar” of butter?

  4. Nancy A. says

    Yes, I have made peanut butter with a can of peanuts. I got the jar on sale for $1.99, so that was an inexpensive jar!! It was so good and much better tasting. I liked the fact it had no sugar or other add-ins in it. Going to try almond butter next!!

  5. Anisha says

    I too make my own nut butters… its a great way to control what goes into them… Once I left a jar of homemade peanut butter in the refrigerator and it stayed good until reached home after 3weeks… Not sure about other nuts, it usually finishes off quicker than I want them to.

  6. Allison says

    I just started making my own nut/seed butters, so I was glad to see your post! There is a very expensive product out called Nutzo and is has some really great ingredients, like almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, among other nuts/seeds. So, I decided to try different amounts and make my own rather than spend close to $20 for about a 16oz jar!
    Adding some seeds to nut butters is unique and gives an extra boost of healthful ingredients!

  7. Penny Mueller says

    Really love your blog….keep up the fantastic work! I am looking forward to trying nut butter. Do you know anything about soaking nuts ahead of time, and have you ever done so?

    • Beth Grice says

      Penny – I don’t typically soak mine but I have. When I do I soak them overnight and then dehydrate them on a low temperature until they are crispy.