Smoking Alternatives: Herbs That Can Be Smoked In Place of Tobacco

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Smoking Alternatives Herbs You Can Smoke

This is a list of herbal smoking alternatives. If you like to smoke, there are benefits to smoking certain herbs in place of smoking tobacco.

Normally, I wouldn’t condone smoking, but there are cases where it is appropriate. Weaning off of cigarettes, for one, or treating an illness. There are safe smoking alternatives that don’t contain addictive or harmful additives.

Can Smoking Have Benefits?

Smoke gets into the throat and lungs and concentrates the constituents from the herbs there. It centers the compounds at the site that need it, rather than starting in the stomach and taking 30 minutes to hit the area in question.

Smoking herbs as an alternative to tobacco allows smokers the same oral gratification while delivering healing compounds to the throat and lungs. But without all the nicotine and tar. Smoking natural herbs can help to lessen the urge to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

I call that beneficial. Do you?

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Herbs As Smoking Alternatives to Tobacco

In general, almost any herb that you can eat you can also smoke. That being said, some herbs are better suited for this application than others.

Here is a list of the most used smoking herbs and what they can be used for.


Mullein can help as an expectorant and aid in lung health. Buy mullein leaf here.


Smoking hops can deliver a calming effect. Buy hops here.


Already a popular smoking alternative, cloves can help stop nicotine cravings and are also antibacterial. Buy whole cloves here.


Peppermint (and other mints) can help calm nerves and improve blood circulation. Buy peppermint leaf here.

Ginger Root

Smoking ginger root can help reduce inflammation. Buy ginger root powder here.

Lemon Balm

Like hops, smoking lemon balm can be calming. Buy lemon balm here.


Skullcap can help reduce headaches, insomnia, and anxiety! Buy skullcap here.


Passionflower is a great smoking alternative because it can also help with anxiety and insomnia. Buy passionflower here.


Lavender can help relieve sore muscles and inflammation. Buy lavender here.

Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf can help with menstrual issues and can help boost the immune system. Buy raspberry leaf here.


Like smoking hops and lemon balm, chamomile can also be calming. Buy chamomile here.


Rose can soothe and ease sore throats. Buy rose petals here.


Smoking horehound is a great alternative to tobacco that can actually aid in lung health! Buy horehound here.


Catnip can be beneficial to the nervous system. Buy catnip here.


Mugwort can help with anxiety and can aid in lucid dreaming. Perhaps a good peyote smoking alternative? Buy mugwort here.

Blackberry Leaf

Like the raspberry leaf, smoking blackberry leaf can help boost the immune system. Buy blackberry leaf here.

Remember, this is only a partial list of herbs that can be smoked for various reasons and benefits.

Delivery Methods for These Smoking Alternatives

There are a few ways that you can smoke herbs to get the smoke into your system. One is to use rolling papers. Choose natural papers if you can. Commercially made papers are often loaded with chemicals.

Pipes are the most common ways to smoke herbs. From the old corn cob pipes to the new stainless steel pipes, there are many choices. Even a tamping tool looks like a bent spoon that you can use to pack your herbs down and remove air pockets.

Herbal Smoking Video

Alternatives to Smoking the Herbs

I, among others, dislike smoking. While it can help to deliver herbal compounds to where they are needed the most, it’s just not my thing.

Burn The Herbs as Incense

In this case, I would make an incense blend from the herbs. Mix them as you normally would, place them in a heatproof bowl, and light them on fire. Obviously, this is best done outside. After the herbs catch fire, simply blow them out. They will smolder for a bit, releasing smoke into the air. This method is more passive but will allow some of the herbal constituents to enter your system.

Simmer the Herbs as Incense

You can also make simmering incense from these herbs. Simply simmer in a nonreactive pot and enjoy the steam and aromatherapy. This is especially helpful if the air is very dry.

Tip: don’t feel like making your own smoking blend? No worries, you can purchase this great herbal smoking blend.

Smoking alternatives like the herbs above can have great benefits for your body, much better than tobacco!


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  1. Carol says

    I’m trying to find ways to stop my youngest from smoking tobacco. Are there prepared “cigarettes” you can purchase that have organic herbs in them? I know she won’t roll her own cigarettes…but she MIGHT buy organic cigarettes to smoke. ( I believe she smokes because everyone else around her smokes. It’s a small community) Thanks!

  2. Mariko says

    Another way to smoke that’s easier on your throat and lungs is to use a water pipe, like a bubbler or bong. You can put cold water and even ice in them to cool down the smoke.

    Vaporizing herbs is also a great way to inhale them without smoking. There are many types of herbal vaporizers, from handheld to tower/volcano style ones with bags that the vapor is pumped into and require no effort on your lungs part. 🙂