Get Shiny, Great Smelling Hair in Three Simple Steps

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Shiny Great Smelling Hair

Read on to learn how to have shiny hair and how to make your hair smell good. Follow the 3 simple steps for shiny, great-smelling hair!

I work in foodservice and my hair takes a beating. Oils in the air (not the good kind!) and air that’s too dry, all the smells are just a few of the everyday problems. So when I have a date or event to go to, I want my hair to look, and smell great! Here are three steps that helped me to look my best.

Step one: Rice water

This is something fairly new to the hair world, spraying rice water on the hair. I have to admit that I’d never thought to use it. Rice contains protein that attaches itself to hair strands, helping to keep it shiny and healthy. The process is very simple.

Ingredients and Equipment

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/2 cup rice
  • Pint jar


Measure the rice into the jar, then add the water. Stir well. Let this sit for 30 minutes, then strain. Use the water to spray on your hair. I usually do this in the shower. Leave to rice water on your hair for about 15-20 minutes, then rinse out. If you leave it on too long, your hair can end up with protein overload, which can actually damage your hair, rather than helping it.

After you rinse out your hair it will be shiny so you can go to the next step, or just dry and style as you usually do.

Step 2: How to Get Shiny Hair

Dull hair is no fun. It just doesn’t look healthy when it doesn’t reflect the light, looks damaged, and is faded. This spray can help your hair to look bouncy and vibrant while controlling frizz and dryness.

Ingredients and Equipment

  • 1/2 cup rosewater (you could use any floral water or hydrosol)
  • 1 T Argan oil
  • 1 T Jojoba oil
  • 6-7 drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Fine mist spray bottle


To get shiny hair, start by pouring the rosewater into the spray bottle. Add the oils one by one. Cover and shake well. Jojoba oil disperses in the water pretty well, so it should help with breaking up the other oils. Shake the bottle every time you use the spray. Spray it all over your hair and work it in with your fingers.

Step 3: How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

Now that our hair is shiny, let’s tackle smells!

With all the food service smells, I hate for people to get close to me after work. I feel like I smell like an old coffee grease pit. Dead french fries and all! Really, there is some odor. To cover it up is fine, but using essential oils can help to break up scent molecules and destroy them, leaving your hair smelling much better, and for much longer than a simple spray alone.

Ingredients and Equipment

  • 1/2 cup distilled water
  • 1 T jojoba oil
  • 15 drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Fine mist spray bottle


Pour the water into the spray bottle. Add the oils one by one. Then…wait, this sounds familiar. Didn’t we just do all that with step 2? I think we did! So, can you just add your favorite essential oil to the hair shine blend? Or add rosewater instead of distilled water for step 3? Of course, you can! These steps are made to be used separately, but if you want shiny AND great smelling hair, you can combine the second and third steps. Or, use them separately if you wish.

Scent Ideas for Your Shiny Hair

Now that you have shiny hair that smells great, let’s do a deeper dive on how to make your hair smell good.

Essential Oils

I tend to go natural if I can. Lavender is always a great choice, where rosemary can help add extra shine to your hair. Chamomile tea can help lighten your hair and the essential oil from chamomile can help with adding streaks to your hair. So the scent will work with the function.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oil scents can work too. I’ve found a few fragrance oils that I love and can incorporate into my spray. One is a woodsy, mossy scent and the other is lighter, almost sweet apple type. Either of these would cover the odors of the workday. When choosing your fragrance oils, you may want to research the ingredients. I’ve found some that are petroleum-based, some that are naturally based, and some that lie in between. I prefer natural scents myself. But those can evaporate quickly, so you may need to reapply them.


No alcohol is used to break up the essential or fragrance oils. The reason for this is because alcohol can dry out your hair, and we’re already fighting dryness. I use jojoba oil to blend and break up the scents. Shaking the spray bottle before every use can help too.

Are you ready for shiny hair that looks and smells awesome? Me too!


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