3 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Glass Spice Jars

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Reuse Spice Jars Glass

Lately it seems I’ve had an obsession with collecting glass jars.

Different shapes, sizes, and varying colors have found their way into various hiding spots in my house. While I’m never exactly sure how I’ll use them, I don’t want to get rid of them just yet.

I sat down last night and compiled a list of all the ways I can upcycle the jars. One jar went to this Homemade Rose & Oatmeal Bath Soak. Others were cleaned and put away in our basement for later use.

Of all the jars, spice jars are the easiest to reuse. They are the perfect small size and come with built-in tops that can act as strainers, filters, or a top to allow aroma to escape. You can also reuse them a number of times.

For me, reusing is always a better option than throwing away. That might mean that I end up storing things for a short time, but it also means that I have lots of DIY supplies at my disposal. It’s a win win!

I’ll share with you some of my favorite ways to reuse spice jars and I’d love to hear any extra ways you have to reuse them in the comments below!

Reuse Spice Jars: 3 Creative Ideas

1. DIY Carpet Deodorizer

Making your own DIY carpet deodorizer is so easy. It’s also a more natural alternative to using chemical carpet deodorizers that you can buy at the grocery store.

Most spice jars have about a 2-ounce capacity and come with fitted lids with holes. This makes them excellent as a shaker for DIY carpet deodorizers. My DIY carpet deodorizer recipe is super simple:


  1. Fill a spice container ¾ full with baking soda.
  2. Add 10-15 drops of essential oils. (I like lavender, tea tree, juniper, sweet orange, Siberian fir, or cedarwood essential oils.)
  3. Place the shaker cap and top back on the container.
  4. Shake well to disperse the essential oils.

To use:

  1. Shake a small amount evenly over carpet before vacuuming.
  2. Allow to sit for about 5 minutes.
  3. Vacuum completely.

2. Small Batch Infused Oils

Infusing oils has also become a small obsession for me lately. I’m always wanting to try new combinations of oils and herbs to infuse. In the summer I wrote about How to Grow, Dry & Use Lavender for Home & Beauty.  I’ve also written about how to make a Homemade Vanilla Infused Oil.

Both of those recipes can be made in smaller versions in glass spice jars! It’s the perfect way to learn in small batches. That way, if you make a mistake or if your infused oil doesn’t turn out the way you want, you will have only used a small amount of oil and herbs. Plus, many DIY recipes call for just a small amount of infused oils.

3. DIY Air Fresheners

Making a DIY air freshener is also very easy and easily customized to your scent preferences.

I really like to reuse spice jars for DIY air fresheners because they are indiscreet, neutral, and show off any pretty herbs.

Often I make my DIY air freshener with just baking soda and essential oils. I combine 1.5 ounces of baking soda with 10-20 drops of essential oils. I cap and shake them to disperse the essential oils. Then I place them in the bedroom, closet, or living room and uncap when I want to use them.

A prettier version of this DIY air freshener is my DIY Cedarwood and Rose Air Freshener using dried rose petals.



  1. Measure baking soda in a small dish.
  2. Add 8 drops of cedarwood essential oil and 1 drop of geranium (or rose absolute) essential oil to the baking soda and stir to combine.
  3. In a spice jar, alternate rose petals and baking soda until the jar is full.
  4. Replace the shaker cap and the top.
  5. Use as needed to freshen rooms and/or closets.

Other Ideas

Those are my three favorite ways to reuse spice jars. However, as I was brainstorming this post, I thought of a couple to add to the list:

  • Use as eco-friendly gift packaging for homemade bath soaks, dried herbs, and other concoctions you are giving away.
  • They make perfect containers for homemade spice blends like this Apple Pie Spice Recipe and this Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice Recipe.
  • Use as mini food storage containers for small amounts of leftovers (or dressings!).
  • Store small keepsakes and/or jewelry in them.

Can you add anything to my list?


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  1. Raven says

    I also use them for keepsakes. When I travel, I collect a baggie of sand a shells. I put sand in the bottom of the bottle with a few small shells on top, and label the bottle.

  2. Rose says

    I use one with a shaker top that has larger holes for a toothpick dispenser. This keeps the toothpicks clean and sanitary until needed. No more torn boxes and touching numerous toothpicks every time you need one, just uncap and shake!

  3. Jackie says

    I use larger jars for leftovers. I remove the labels with old cooking oil and baking soda. It’s much easier to see what I have in the frig when it’s in a clear glass container. I also buy baking soda in bulk – I put some in a small jar to keep in the kitchen for baking, and some in a jar with a shaker lid for cleaning

  4. Trish S says

    Hi Katie,
    You can also save them to put spices back in. That way you can buy in bulk and keep the spices fresh longer since you won’t be opening the lid on the big jar as much.
    I also use empty dropper bottles. I put my coconut or MCT oil in them for the dinner table to use in my coffee without making a big mess. That MCT oil can NOT be poured without waste. Also it travels! No matter how many times I wipe the jar it’s covered with oil next time I use it. And the good stuff ain’t cheap. So I pour some in the empty dropper bottle and just drop some in my cup with no mess.
    The small spice jars are also handy for soaking a few seeds before planting or rooting leaf cuttings or enjoying a small flower in some water. They’re also cheaper than using mason jars for making homemade soap colorants from herbs and such in small batches. Put a little turmeric in one with some sunflower oil. Oh how beautiful! Oh well. Enough rambling. ????

  5. Maureen Ballard says

    I have used mine as a tooth pick dispenser for years. As you said you need to use the ones with the sprinkle tops on them.