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Healthy Meal Plans

It’s 9:00 p.m., and I just had to run into the living room to ask Matt to make us something to eat for dinner. How embarrassing. (And it seems this routine is becoming more common around here.)

Does this happen to you? You get too busy doing chores while dinner time comes and goes. Or you’re too tired when you get home from work and don’t want to stand in the kitchen for hours. Or you just plain have no idea what to serve your family for dinner that they’ll be excited about. (Cue the grumbling stomachs and unhappy looks.)

This is why I’m so excited to introduce a meal planning subscription called Real Food Meal Plans For The Busy Home! Affordable meal plans emailed directly to you that include shopping lists, detailed recipes, and even a schedule – just to make it real easy on you.

How will a meal plan help your family?

When it comes to meal planning, I’m more unorganized now than ever. Sometimes I’ll try to write out a menu and a shopping list, then stick to it. Mostly though, I think I can just wing it and cook whatever we’re in the mood for, or whatever we have in the fridge. Guess what? Trying to wing it has proven to be the worst way to get meals on the table!

Having NO plan leads to one of these common scenarios for us:

  • We’re sitting down to eat dinner at 9 p.m. 
  • One of us has to run to the store to get ingredients for the food we’re craving. Dinner is postponed and hungry people get grumpy.
  • We spend far too long in the kitchen because no food prep was done on a day or time when it would have been more convenient.
  • We grab snacks all night, or have cravings for disgusting prepared foods just because they’re simpler.
  • We give up, throw in the towel, and end up eating out. A huge chunk of money is spent that could have been saved by eating at home. Bellies don’t feel good because hunger led to making poor menu choices.

Sound familiar? I’m ready to put an end to these frustrating scenarios and get some Real Food on the table for our family.

Healthy Meal Plans 2

Real Food Meal Plans for the busy home

Emily Bartlett (of Holistic Squid) put together this new meal planning subscription to help get healthy, nutrient-dense food on the table for our families. She’s a working mom with two young kids, and knows the value of having a plan so nutrition isn’t compromised.

Her recipes follow the characteristics of the traditional diets of our ancestors, including lots of healthy fats, bone broths, pasture-raised meats, and fermented foods.

The plans save busy home cooks time, energy, and money by laying out everything we need to feed our families for the week.

Healthy Meal Plans 3

Things to love about these meal plans

Here are just a few of the major benefits of these plans:

It saves us time in the kitchen.

Usually serving healthy meals means MORE time in the kitchen. Not any more. Most of these recipes call for 30 minutes or less of kitchen time. (Some require as little as 10 minutes!) You’re not even cooking every day. Emily suggests having one big prep day, spending some extra time in the kitchen to make our upcoming week easier. It helps get some of the big stuff out of the way so families can feel more laid back on weeknights.

Cook healthy meals using Real Food ingredients.

As a health practitioner who writes a lot about nutrition, Emily gives recipes that are real, nourishing, and delicious. How about BBQ pork, loaded sweet potatoes, or white chicken enchiladas? Click here to download a free sample menu.

Finally have an actual plan.

A good plan. One we didn’t have to do all the work to come up with. The grocery list is done for us. Forget about pouring over recipes and cookbooks, stressing about which ones look good or will be easy to make when we’re tired. The plan even suggests days to shop for necessary ingredients, best times to thaw out freezer items (so we’re not doing it while our hungry family waits), and the best meals to freeze for later.

Emily also includes bonus meals so we’re never short on food. Additionally, each week she tells us which night to eat leftovers and when to treat ourselves to a meal out!

What about making adjustments to the plan for YOUR family?

The meal plans are easily adjusted to accommodate several circumstances.

Is your family gluten free? Don’t worry. Gluten free options are suggested. How about dairy free? All set. You’ll find options for those adjustments too.

Is your family large? Small? No problem. Portions are easily adjustable for singles, couples, and large families.

Healthy Meal Plans 4

Is it worth the money?

Since time is money, and we know you’ll be saving lots of time using these meal plans – YES, it’s worth the money. And if you’re anything like me, having a meal plan subscription means saving lots of money on last minute eating out, wasted food in the fridge, and even impulse purchases at the grocery store because you didn’t have a menu or a shopping list.

Totally worth it.

Want these simple meal plans for your family?

If you need a break from constantly thinking about what to feed your family next, these meal plans will take a load off your shoulders. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose from 3 different subscription options.

So make a decision to let yourself off the hook, feed your family Real Food, and stop stressing about what’s on the menu.

Click here to learn more.



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  1. Lydia says

    This is what I have been looking for!! I tried another one, it did help with stress. I have a better day when I have my dinner all planned. But, the meals were too “tater tot” for me. I cook from scratch, this sounds great. And Cindy, try stocking up on things when they are on sale, then when you need them, you have them on hand. Works for me.

  2. cindy says

    This looks great for those to whom this is a new concept, or if things have gotten way out of hand. But I wonder: might the menus be interchangeable to allow you to buy store specials that week? Planned-ahead menus might or might not utilize what’s on special that week, and you pay more because it’s on the list. Years ago, I started planning my meals in tandem WITH the weekly specials; so I rarely paid the higher price just because I ‘needed’ it for a menu…it’s sort of working backwards, and it can save loads of $$ over sticking to a menu list.

    • Betsy Jabs says

      So true Cindy, shopping with weekly specials in mind can save lots of money. I encourage you to click on one of the links in the article that will take you to the landing page for the meal plan. Once on the sales page, you’ll see a bright pink button that says “Download a Free Sample.” You should download the free sample, which allows you to see a weekly schedule, recipes, and shopping list. This will be the best way to get the answer to your question. 🙂

  3. Pam says


    We’re just starting out….. There are lots of meal planners out there. What is it that makes you endorse this one?
    BTW: Love your articles
    , I’m a faithful follower.

    • Betsy Jabs says

      Hi Pam,
      Great question. This meal plan is different from others I have seen based on the foods and ingredients Emily uses in her recipes. She uses traditional fats like coconut oil, olive oil, real butter, ghee, and lard. You’ll only see natural sweeteners, like honey or maple syrup used. Her recipes also call for sprouted grains, meat from pasture-raised animals, and lots of in-season veggies. You can of course substitute other ingredients, but if you’re just getting started with a Real Food diet, she makes it easy by suggesting the BEST ingredients for your health.

      Her instructions are very explicit, the schedule is very realistic, and I just love it that the recipes will help you eat completely unprocessed, unrefined foods.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Kyia says

    This is WONDERFUL! I don’t know how many nights I have stood in front of the fridge, thinking, “Would it be OK to just give them sugary cereal for dinner tonight?” LOL! And it’s affordable! It’s funny how peace of mind and preparation go hand in hand, isn’t it?

    • Betsy Jabs says

      You’re so right Kyia! All the thinking is done for you with these plans. (I’m guilty of wanting to make people eat popcorn for dinner. Lol!)