Natural Nails! Ten Simple and Natural Ways to Keep Your Nails Beautiful

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Natural Nails

Natural Nails! There are many ways to keep nails beautiful without chemicals or a lot of money so let’s explore 10 ways to do just that.

Natural Nails at Home

A few weeks ago, right before I was at a friend’s wedding, I found myself in a nail salon for the first time in years. I tried to play it cool and sophisticated, but as I fumbled with white towels and little bowls of rinsing water, the guy doing my nails laughed and said, “You don’t do this a lot, do you?”

He’s totally right. I don’t go to nail salons a lot. I used to go occasionally, back when I was in college but those days are long gone. Most of the time my nails are completely free of polish.

My nails are still sporting a few spots of the pink polish all of us bridesmaids wore, but for the most part, I’ve chipped it all off. Glamorous, right? Fortunately, I know nail salons are not the only way to keep my nails looking nice. There are so many ways to keep your nails neat and pretty without using chemicals or paying lots of money, and I intend to take advantage of them as soon as I chip off all of this polish.

Ten Ways to Have Pretty, Natural Nails

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

As with most aspects of our bodies, we get the best results from eating a well-balanced, vitamin-rich diet. Vitamin deficiencies show up quickly as weakened, brittle fingernails or pits in the nail.

2. Keep Your Natural Nails Trimmed

If you’ve ever had long nails, then you’ve almost certainly suffered from a broken nail at some point. Broken nails are painful! They’re also bothersome, and I find that I pick at mine and make them worse. The only solution I’ve found to broken nails is to actually prevent them by keeping my nails well-trimmed. You know the length your nails can withstand; there’s no need to grow them out longer just to suffer the inevitable painful break while you’re trying to wash the dishes.

3. Moisturize Your Cuticles.

While your fingernails themselves may not need moisture, your fingertips and cuticles absolutely do. The cuticle is a naturally tough piece of skin, but it is prone to cracking and drying out painfully when it isn’t kept well moisturized. If you’re looking for a simple, natural moisturizer for your cuticles, try this homemade herbal body cream. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of cuticles, make sure you never cut them. Your cuticles are a living part of your body, and trimming them will only invite infection.

4. Clean Your Natural Nails with Baking Soda.

Regular hand washing is great for keeping the surface of your nails clean, but they will need some extra attention to get them clean and white underneath. The best way to clean them is to dip a wet toothbrush into baking soda and scrub under each nail. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice or peroxide if you need extra whitening power.

5. File Your Natural Nails the Right Way.

When I think of nail files, I picture teenage girls from movies going back and forth over their fingernails while chatting with their friends. Turns out the girls in the movies don’t usually file their nails correctly, though. For one, they probably use a typical Emory board with too much grit. Rough nail files do more harm than good to fingernails and should be replaced with very fine nail files. Also, nails should only be filed in one direction, as sawing back and forth weakens the nail.

(Note from Betsy: I recommend crystal etched glass nail files that never wear down, and file smoothly every time!)

6. Try Buffing.

Buffing is the process of polishing your fingernails until they shine. Looking at my nails right now, I can see they are a little dull and not particularly smooth. That’s their natural state, and it usually works just fine for me. However, if you want a more professional or smooth look, using a nail buffer is worth a try. Use caution, though, because too much buffing undermines the natural strength of your nail.

7. Protect Your Nails Naturally.

Since you’re reading this here at DIY Natural, I’m going to assume that you don’t use many household chemicals for cleaning. That’s great for you and great for your nails. If you haven’t completely kicked that habit, though, you really should consider wearing gloves for protection. Household chemicals can weaken and stain your nails with consistent use.

8. Skip the Harmful Chemicals.

Speaking of chemicals, there are many associated with traditional nail care. Most nail polish brands are full of them (read more on this at Organic Gardening), but it’s not nearly as destructive to your nails as the acetone that many nail polish removers contain. Acetone dries out skin, nails, and cuticles. Non-acetone polish removers are not quite as harmful as acetone, but they do still have a drying effect and contain a myriad of chemicals.

9. Try Natural, Organic Nail Polish.

Sometimes you just want to paint your nails. For special events, or if nail color is just your thing, there are less-harmful options available. There are several water-based nail enamels on the market without the harmful chemicals of traditional nail polish. And bonus: they come off with water or simple alcohol!

10. Know When to Leave Your Nails Alone.

While upkeep and care for your nails are important, sometimes it’s best to leave them alone. Biting your nails, picking at them (I’ve already admitted that I’m guilty of that one, oops!), pulling at hangnails – all of those things will lead to painful problems.

How about you? Do you have tricks for having pretty, natural nails?


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  1. Michelle Hale says

    I kept my eyes open for an alternative to Jamberries as they did not stay on my high-domed nails, and I didn’t like using a hair dryer to convince them to stick. Color Street was my next product, which I love but can’t always afford. I have found less expensive nail strips online (because they are not MLM companies). Bonita Nails and Lily & Fox are my faves. Nail strips can be removed with coconut oil—no drying nail polish remover. Mineral Fusion also makes a non-acetone remover which is very good.

  2. Hannah says

    I used to use nail polish on a regular basis, but as I’ve gotten older, I actually like my nails better with out it. I have never been to a nail salon and never will. Now all I do is trim my nails and buff them when they need it, which isn’t very often. This way they remain clean and neat, without much effort. As for moisturizing my cuticles, they don’t seem to need it, they must get enough moisture from applying my face moisturizers, rose hip oil and jojoba oil 🙂

  3. Heather Humphrey says

    Love these tips!! I use and sell Jamberry nail wraps and absolutely love them! Non-toxic, vegan and easy to use =) I have free samples for anyone that would like to try them out!

  4. Terry says

    I love Melissa’s ideas! I’ve been making my own cuticle oil for years. I saved a bottle from nail polish, cleaned it thoroughly, (unfortunately I needed to used acetone to do it) and used it for the oil. As a base I use olive oil, (which is a very nourishing oil) and add vitamin E oil which acts to preserve as well as nourishing too. Mostly I use a little Tea Tree oil but some times mix it up with other essential oils for a nice smell. Put it on at night and rub it in to the cuticle and the nail and go to sleep. It works great and I love it.
    Also, I started using Great Lakes gelatin in my smoothies for other health benefits but I’ve noticed my nails are much stronger.

  5. Frances Lee-Vandell says

    To Daniella –
    I’d like to try your naail wwraps, and then how do I get more?

    2622 Free union Road
    Charlotteville, VA 22901

  6. Merrilyn says

    I love this article. some plain old common sense. I have 3 sisters and I am the only one who doesn’t get her nails “done”, (or hair dyed). I figure if the person doing your nails has to wear a mask, it can’t be good for you!!!

  7. Melissa Sambrano says

    In addition to keeping my all natural nails a medium and uniform length, I made it a habit to place a bottle of rich natural lotion next to most of my sinks. I find if you add back emollients each time, there’s no more broken nails or hang nails! Nails stay strong and flexible along with a healthy diet. Before bed, after I rub it in thoroughly, I run my nails down the inside of my palm of alternate hand and it deposits any leftover lotion under my nails to soak in overnight and further reinforce them! People think theyre fake until I show them close up! I never have to trim cuticles or push them back. Who has time for that anyway. Just keep them moisturized 🙂

  8. Daniella says

    You could try Jamberry Nail wraps on your clean, natural nail. The wraps cost $15 for one sheet (which gets you 4 manicures), and you just heat the sticker with a blow dryer to activate the adhesive and smooth it onto your nails bed. There’s tons of funky and sophisticated designs and they last longer than nail polish that chips. I’m sending out free samples to DIY Natural readers who email me!

  9. Joy says

    take that clear organic polish and add chopped garlic, let set a week then do your nails, over time they become very hard and tough, like wearing acrylics I hear tho I never did that

  10. Paulette says

    For every one woman I see with nice manicured finger and toe nails, I see 20 with chipped, ugly nails. I have never understood the need to paint nails. I say go natural. There is nothing nicer looking than clean natural nails. And the artificial nails? It can’t be good for you.