Simple Meaningful Gifts to Give for Mother’s Day

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I don’t know what memories you have from childhood, but I have some very special ones. Many of which were made possible by my mother. For this reason, I like to make a big deal over Mother’s Day when I can. It’s coming up, so I’m mulling over my game plan right now!

If you’d like to give meaningful Mother’s Day gifts to moms, sisters or grandmas, here are some things I’m considering doing with a collection of eBooks I already have.

Gifts the Moms in Your Life Might ♥

For the Work Outside of the Home Mom (WOHM)

Know any moms with full time jobs outside of the home who probably struggle to get dinner on the table every night for the family? What about giving pre-made freezer meals, along with labels and a freezer inventory sheet to make this task less trouble for her? No Cook Freezer Meals is an eBook that provides you with everything you need to give a special gift like this to someone – shopping lists, recipes, the labels, and all the nutrition info. You can get this eBook by clicking here, and get cooking right away.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 1

For the Beginner Seamstress

Know a novice seamstress? Or someone who owns a sewing machine they’ve been too intimidated to use? In the eBook Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching, they’ll learn the basics of sewing and find motivation to tackle some basic beginner projects. Get the eBook, arrange it in a pretty binder, and give it along with some beautiful fabrics so the new seamstress can get started right away on a sewing project. Click here to get this eBook.

For the Natural Mama

A basket of homemade natural cleaning products might be a sweet gift for the mama who despises chemicals in her home. If you already have our book, DIY Natural Household Cleaners, you can whip up some of our recipes, or just find your favorites from the collection we already have published on our website (find them all here).

Give a few cleaners in fun containers, along with some reusable cleaning cloths or natural sponges and some super cute dish gloves like these. If you’d like to include our book as part of the gift you can order it here.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2

For the Mom With Lots of Laundry

It’s pretty safe to assume many moms spend a good portion of their week doing laundry. One of the eBooks I just read, called Taming the Laundry Monster, is all about getting ahead of the laundry so it doesn’t seem like such a beast. A container of our Homemade Laundry Detergent would make a great companion gift to a copy of Taming the Laundry Monster. Get the eBook here and present it in a notebook or binder along with some natural laundry accessories.

For the Brand New Mama

Know any brand new moms? Celebrate her first Mother’s Day by giving a few handmade products. On our site you’ll find recipes for things like diaper rash ointment, diaper wipe solution and reusable wipes, baby shampoo & body wash, an herbal healing ointment (perfect for diaper rash, eczema, and other boo boos), or natural hand sanitizer for all those diaper changes on the go. Most moms I know are looking for natural alternatives to commercial products when baby arrives, so these might be some cherished gifts. A great companion to these gifts would be the eBook (I can’t wait to read!) titled, The Minimalist Mom’s Guide to Baby’s First Year. It helps moms figure out how to adjust to parenthood without being swallowed up by all the baby “stuff.” Buy the eBook here, print it out, and find an attractive way to arrange it.

Any good ideas for Mother’s Day? Let us know what you’re thinking of doing for Mom!


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  1. Dee says

    Hi – just a small request. I loved the idea of your bundle and I would have purchased it – IF it had not been so heavily laden with religious stuff! I’m totally into frugality, DIY, natural living, etc. But I am not interested in any religious agenda. Next time (if there is a next time), offer something like “choose any 10” – that way one could get the great content they want without the content they definitiely do not want! Love your great tips and info.

    • Betsy Jabs says

      Hi Dee,
      Unfortunately, we don’t choose the books for these bundles. The bundles are organized by an outside group. A “choose any 10” is a great idea, though! We’ll pass along the suggestion. 🙂

  2. Patti Arnold says

    Betsy: I’ve been trying to purchase the Kindle bundle for over 15 minutes. Since I do not have an account with Infusionsoft, I’ve tried creating one. After a couple of failed attempts, I called the 800 number listed at the “having trouble?” link. Thus far, after 7:57 of hold time I am no closer to purchasing the bundle. Is there another method, perhaps? I’m happy to “hold for my turn” however I have to leave my home in a few minutes and will be unable to continue holding!
    Help, please! I would like to make this purchase and am trying not to be frustrated …. just a challenge. Thank you so much!

  3. Cheryl says

    My mom is elderly–and Alzheimers is stealing her mind. It has caused her to get so cheap that she refuses to buy any meat because it is SO expensive. Us kids did not realize this–my aunt told me. So I have been buying her healthy meats and cutting them into single servings and freezing them in freezer bags–for one meal. She can put one serving into a bowl of hot water and defrost it very quickly and fix it. I also took the time to show her how to quickly, with very little grease fix the meats. I made a bright colored note which I put on a cupboard door–reminding her that the meats were in the freezer–and how to prepare them. I keep her re-stocked as often as she needs it. She still is not eating a lot of meat–but is eating more. It’s fast for her to prepare –because she doesn’t think ahead any more. And helps her nutritionally. When she is in the freezer she always grabs some frozen vegetables to go with the meat. It’s so hard to buy things for her since she is very close to needing to transition to either a much smaller house or assisted living. She already has so much stuff–we don’t want to add to that.