20 Food Items That Are Great for Long-Term Storage

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Long Term Food Storage Best

Learn the best foods for long-term storage along with the best techniques for long-term food storage. It is always best to be prepared!

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I sincerely hope we never have another pandemic like we had last year and into this year. All of a sudden, a lot of our regular food items were no longer available. Hoarding was part of the problem, but not having any workers to make the items, ship the items and distribute them, is a problem we face even today.

If it happens again, how do you prepare for it? Here is a list of many common and even inexpensive food supplies that you can stock up on now should you even need to live off of them. There are good to have around just in case of natural disasters as well. After Hurricane Charley in 2004, we were without power for 8 days and resorted to cooking over an open fire. This list will be helpful in those cases too.

Best Foods for Long-Term Storage

You should have these items stocked in your pantry at all times!


White Vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar-these are useful for things from preserving to cleaning. No home should be without them.

Vanilla Extract

Although it can be expensive, vanilla extract lasts for years. And a little goes a long way.


Whether white or brown, sugar will keep for a very long time. It may dry out and harden after a while, but you can either grate it with a kitchen grater or throw a piece of bread or an apple in the container. Either one will soften hardened sugar overnight. This is of course a staple for long-term food storage.

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce really does last forever. The high salt content makes it a great seasoning and preservative.


This includes all types of salt, but we recommend Real Salt or Sea Salt.


As long as the rice is properly dehydrated, rice will last for years. This and beans may be the 2 best long-term food storage items for caloric content. If you grow your own, be sure it is thoroughly dry before storing it.

Dried Beans

All types of dried beans and peas will keep for a very long time.


Use it like popcorn, or grind it for cornmeal or grits.

Maple Syrup

The high sugar content in maple syrup helps it to stay good for a long time. This long-term food storage item will come in handy as a sweet treat.

Instant Coffee

As long as the coffee crystals stay dry, you’ll be good.


Viable honey has been found in the tombs of Egypt. That was a long time ago!


Clarifying butter into ghee gets rid of moisture that would normally cause regular butter to spoil. Having some form of butter in your long-term food storage pantry is a must!

Corn Syrup

Like honey and maple syrup, corn syrup can last a long time. It can develop mold on the top, but that can be skimmed off with no ill effects. It actually acts as a sealant.

Corn Starch

Once ground, cornstarch can be used as a thickener. Ground flours will go rancid after a time, but cornstarch will not.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great item for long-term food storage because it is useful in so many ways. You can use it for cooking, as a cleaning product, and as an odor absorber. If it clumps up, just smash it with a fork or spoon. Heat it and you get washing soda, which you can also use for cleaning.

Canned Foods

Properly sealed, canned fruits, veggies, meats, and even water, whether commercially or home-canned, can keep for a very long time.


Like honey, alcohol has been found in the tombs of Egypt. It literally never goes bad. And it can be used as a preservative, as in the case of tinctures, or in would care and sanitizing.

Dried Herbs

Keep your dried herbs in a cool, dry place and herbs can last a long time. They are also a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your long-term food storage arsenal.

Wheat Berries

Along with oats and other grains, wheat can last many years if not ground.

Dried Pasta

Kept sealed, dried pasta can last for many years as well.

How to Store Long-Term Food Storage Items

Long-term food storage requires little. Keep them dry, sealed, and in a dark place. Take one of those out of the equation and it can drastically reduce the shelf life.

Another thing to consider when storing food items is bugs. I keep a bay leaf in each container as well as lay a piece of wax paper on the top of the jar before closing the lid. This forms an extra barrier against bugs and helps to keep the lid from sticking to the jar.

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What are Your Tips?

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, so helps us out!

If you have any tricks or tips for long-term food storage, tell us about them!


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