How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease: Things to Avoid and Things to Start

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How to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Learning how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease is not an exact science, but we combine theories with common sense to keep our minds healthy.

Perhaps you have heard of the links between everyday products and Alzheimer’s disease?

For one, the use of aluminum products has been reported to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Betsy has Alzheimer’s in her family history so, to prevent Alzheimer’s, we’re vigilant to avoid any association with known and suspected contributors. (This seems like an appropriate time to thank some of our readers who have brought more Alzheimer’s-related information to our attention over the past few months!)

Note: we’re not writing to support or deny such claims, only to provide alternatives for those looking to avoid possible links to the disease.

How to prevent Alzheimers

Aluminum-free Deodorant

One of your first steps in working to prevent Alzheimer’s is by switching to a healthier deodorant. Our homemade deodorant works, it saves you money, and it’s free of parabens, aluminum, and other harmful ingredients.

Aluminum-free Cookware

Our primary cookware is cast iron but we also use stoneware and glassware. Another great way to avoid aluminum cookware is to use enamel-coated cast iron.

Avoid aluminum cookie sheets too by using either stoneware or cast iron. Simply leave these heavy-duty alternatives in the oven at all times to keep them out of your way. Preheat the oven with them inside and they’ll help save energy by holding the heat. They also distribute heat better which makes for more even cooking. Avoiding aluminum cookware will help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Aluminum-free Baking Powder

Contrary to what you may have been reading on the internet or packages in the grocery store lately, baking soda is aluminum-free. It’s baking powder you want to watch out for. Simply purchase baking powders that are advertised as “aluminum-free.” You can usually find them at your local health food store.

You may also choose to avoid any prepackaged baking ingredients like cake mixes and doughs because they too can contain sources of aluminum.

Prevent Alzheimer’s by Avoiding Aluminum Foil

Use wax paper instead.

Other alternatives include freezer paper, parchment paper, reusable sandwich bags, cloth napkins, and glass storage containers.

Fluoridated Drinking Water

Did you know that one of the sources of “fluoride” in drinking water is the waste of aluminum and fertilizer factories? I’m not joking. Prevent Alzheimer’s by avoiding this!

Our city’s recent water report listed “discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories” as one of the typical sources of fluoride that is added to the drinking water.

No thanks, we drink water filtered by one of these instead. These filtration systems eliminate the fluoride in the water (and almost anything else you can think of) but allow the beneficial minerals to remain.

Aluminum-free Personal Products

You can help prevent Alzheimer’s by choosing healthier personal products.

Toothpaste, shampoo, and antiperspirants (mentioned above) can contain sources of aluminum such as bauxite (Aluminum dioxide). They can also contain aluminum salts, aluminum lauryl sulfate, magnesium aluminum silicate, and aluminum chlorhydrate or aluminum zirconium respectively.

I encourage you to avoid such products by either making your own or purchasing aluminum-free alternatives at your local health food store.

We make our own shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant to avoid having these things come in contact with our bodies.

Prevent Alzheimer’s by Avoiding Antacids

Antacids can contain 200 milligrams or more of elemental aluminum in a single tablet and others contain traces of aluminum hydroxide.

You can avoid this altogether by using alternative remedies for heartburn.

Betsy has been a long-time sufferer and has recently been singing the praises of the DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) tablets her homeopathic doctor recently prescribed. Natural AND effective.

Regular Exercise

People who walk six or more miles each week have less memory loss and more effective cognition.

I don’t know how true these reports are but I do know that regular exercise is never a bad idea!

Prevent Alzheimer’s by Avoiding Trans Fats

In a recent study by Dr. Gene Bowman of Portland’s Oregon Health and Science University, elderly people with high levels of trans fats in their blood not only performed poorly on memory tests but also had smaller brains – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Trans fats are probably one of the most dangerous things we can consume that you see in everyday foods that have no restrictions on them,” he warned.

This doesn’t surprise me either.


In closing, to combat Alzheimer’s Disease, our simple plan is this:

  • eat healthily
  • exercise regularly
  • and avoid aluminum in products whenever possible.

What are some steps you take to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?



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  1. Margaret says

    I’m wondering if silicone mats used on top of cookie sheets prevent aluminum from harming us? Also, using parchment paper for baking?

    • Matt Jabs says

      Hi Margaret, we recommend avoiding the aluminum cook and bakeware altogether. Instead, opt for stainless steel or baking stones. Blessings.

  2. Nicole says

    I LOVE your blog!!!

    Both my grandparents on my dad’s side have Alzheimers and dementia, so I’ve started really looking at removing the aluminum from my house, and encouraging my parents to do so as well. Then it recently dawned on me, “all our food is canned in aluminum!” Someone told me it has a layer of Teflon so it’s fine. But that doesn’t sound right to me. Have you heard, or do you have an opinion on this???

  3. Kris says

    Hi, just in comment to the heartburn issue….chew your food well. Til it is almost a liquid. Trust me, I had frequent awful heartburn and since I tried this I no longer suffer from it!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Betsy, I’m looking for some insight please. I’m trying to do better for my family & just went to go buy our family new stainless steel Cuisnart pots & pans & see they are aluminum encapsulated. Since the aluminum is encased inside steel on both sides do you think these would still be bad for our family?

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. We’ve made quite a few major changes in our house b/c of your blog and love what you are doing.

  5. Marla B. says

    I have used many of your recipes and one of my 1st was the homemade deodorant. I have used the alcohol and/or witch hazel w/scent without any problems, except for I live 50 miles from the gulf coast & it is HOT this time of year & requires constant reapplication. I loved the coconut oil, baking soda, cornstarch mixture, & tea tree/additional scents recipe, but it breaks me out and itches fiercely! I have tried it without the baking soda and then without the cornstarch. I am in desperate need of something that I can use so I do not have to go back to store-bought antiperspirants. Any tips?

    • Michelle says

      Maria, I too was interested in an aluminum free deodorant being conscious of Alzheimers. Matt’s deodorant didn’t work for me. I live on the Gulf side of Florida and still garden in the dead of summer. My husband is in construction. There IS a difference in work smelly and “can’t stand myself smelly.” This is the recipe we use with sucess.
      1/4 cup arrowroot powder (from health food store) or cornstarch
      1/4 cup baking soda
      10 drops of tea tree oil
      I have it in a small jar with a powder puff and apply it with that. It remains a light dusting of powder which might help you. Plus, years ago a Dr. once told me cornstarch breeds bacteria and not to use it for heat rash.

  6. Rachel says

    Are steel cookie sheets and bake ware safe from chemicals and such? Anyone use them and know how they perform?

    Thanks, love this site!

  7. Doris says

    I just love you guys. That includes the readers too. Your comments are always so helpful. My Grandmother and her brother had this dreadful disease and I worry for my mother now as she could be next. She is, very, mindful of all the chemicals that are in our foods, todays and I will make sure she is aware of aluminum. Heck, I need to watch out for me too, Lol!
    By the way, the homemade deodorant works wonders. Lately I have been working out and just recently starting to smell like an onion. (gross!) My usual Tom’s all natural deodorant left me hanging but your recipe with a drop of orange has saved the day (and everyone else within arms reach, lol!)

  8. Cheryl Crouse says

    Are you doing anything about your shower water? After all, your skin is your largest organ. And every time you shower, you are exposing your largest organ to chlorinated water. I have suffered a brain injury, with a lot of memory loss, so am doing everything I can to get the toxic substances of the environment out of my system also. Everything I can do will help. Thanks for all of the other suggestions. It is truely shocking to realize how many ways aluminum has invaded our lives.

    • Matt Jabs says

      Great point to bring up Cheryl. If you have chlorinated/fluoridated water the best solutions are a whole home reverse osmosis filter, or for less money you can just purchase a shower RO filter (that screws onto your shower head).

  9. Rhonda Spellman says

    Hi Matt and Betsy,

    I LOVE your dedication and site. You have honestly changed my life! I even mentioned you in my book, The Journey Home from Autism. For those who can’t locate aluminum free baking powder, here is an easy recipe:

    Aluminum free baking powder
    1/3 cup baking soda
    2/3 cup cream of tartar
    Thoroughly blend all ingredients together and store in airtight container.
    Recipe makes 1 2/3-cup.

    Rhonda Spellman

  10. dede says

    hi ,we come from a generation where buckwheat pancake was a stable in the morning instead of bread. did you know that buckwheat nourishes the brain. On my father’s side there was no Alzheimer’s . they live to be 93 yrs old and what memory. They were so alert . By dipping their face cloth in vinegar and rubbing the underarm pit was also their deodorant. making their own flour with all the good stuff in it was a must. Today they bleach flour with chlorine to make it white. No wonder there is so much Alzheimer. dede

  11. Greg says

    Don’t forget to check out “Excitotoxins – The Taste That Kills” by Dr. Russell Blaylock. Excitotoxins are substances that even in small quantities destroy brain cells. Some include aspartame, MSG or Monosodium Glutimate, L-Cystine, Aspartic Acid, Sucralose, phenylalanine and many other hidden derivatives of the above hidden under other names.