Refrigerator Pickles: A Simple Way To Pickle Cucumbers

How To Pickle Cucumbers

Learn how to pickle cucumbers the simple way so you can make the best dill refrigerator pickles you’ve ever had. I promise they’ll be a big hit with everyone!

Refrigerator Pickles

It’s no secret that many things from your own kitchen are more flavorful, healthful, and nutrient dense than store-bought. Pickles are no exception.

Since we began pickling our own cucumbers, store-bought pickles seem so limp, soggy, artificially colored, and unappealing. You read that right – artificially colored. Certain brands of pickles have added yellow #5 to give their sickly-colored (translation: not so fresh) pickles a little color boost. With all we know about the health implications of food dyes, it’s high time we avoid store-bought and learn how to make our own pickles. This method is so simple, and you will love the outcome!

I didn’t automatically know how to make refrigerator pickles, this recipe was derived from lots of personal taste testing trial and error. Out of all the recipes I’ve tried, this is the best. You don’t need any special equipment – we’re not going to can these pickles. They’re called “refrigerator pickles” because you allow the vinegar and other ingredients to tenderize and flavor the cucumbers with no need for cooking. You end up with crispy, fresh, delicious pickles that have all the raw nutrients in tact.

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Refrigerator Pickles: Simple, Delicious Dill Pickles

You will need


Cut pickles into discs, spears, or sandwich slices and add to the jar with all ingredients except the water. Once everything is in the jar, fill to the very top with distilled or filtered water and screw lid on very tightly. Shake the jar up to distribute flavors and leave on your countertop for 12 hours. Shake again and turn upside down for another 12 hours, making sure the lid is screwed on tightly to avoid leakage. After pickles have sat for a total of 24 hours go taste your creation – you won’t believe how good they are! Store in refrigerator and enjoy within a month for maximum freshness.

Notes From the Kitchen

Don’t limit yourself to pickled cucumbers, use this recipe with just about any vegetable. We omit the dill and use the recipe for okra, bell peppers, and more. Adjust the spices and be creative because there are so many possibilities.

Sometimes we eat our pickles within a few days. We hate to waste the well-seasoned liquid mixture, so when they disappear too quickly we just pack more fresh cucumbers in the existing liquid. We add a touch more vinegar and top off with more water.

Do you have cucumbers or other veggies coming out of your ears? Give this simple pickling recipe a shot, I promise you won’t regret it!


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  1. WOW! I made these a couple of days ago and we tried them just now and I have to say AMAZING!! Crunchy, sour and spicy! YAY! We had the pickling cucs growing and I don’t can our produce so this is a wonderful way to have fresh dill pickles. I am definitely keeping this recipe and will share it with my friends ??

  2. I made them and they were delicious – cucumbers fresh from the garden – but super soggy. Was I supposed to DRAIN them before refrigerating them?

    • No, if they were soggy they were soggy before the process because this process doesn’t make them soggy. I say try again and see how it goes, just make sure to check the cucumbers before making them.

  3. This sounds great. I like whole pickles. Will this do them to? I make my own pickles sometimes. I tried whole cukes about 8 to 9″ or os long. It took a while for them to complete the process of pickling but the end product was outstanding

  4. So glad you published your pickle recipe!! I have been wanting to try it ever since I tasted yours!