Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe: A1 Copycat Recipe

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Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe

Matt is a steak purist and doesn’t believe in using steak sauce. But if you enjoy it then you’ll love making and using this homemade steak sauce recipe!

Grilled Steaks: The Smell of Summer

I feel like I have to start this post with a small disclaimer. Honestly, I’m not a huge steak sauce person.

It’s not that I don’t like the flavor, but give me a well-seasoned, juicy steak, and I don’t need anything to dip it into.

My husband, on the other hand, LOVES his steak sauce.

When we were first trying to eliminate store-bought sauces from our kitchen, I made a comment that once we got through our current stash of A1 steak sauce (3 bottles that we had received as a gift one summer), we probably wouldn’t need to buy any more, since seasoning rubs added so much flavor to grilled steaks anyway.

I was met with a look of horror. (You would have thought I had just told him that there was a worldwide shortage on ice cream and chocolate cake.)

I learned that afternoon that some people can be very attached to their steak sauce.

Making a Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe

The A1 bottle has remained a fixture in our fridge over the years. We don’t really use it that much, but it’s always there when it’s needed.

In order to eliminate that bottle from our fridge, my homemade steak sauce recipe had to pass the ultimate test: husband approval.

Honestly, I worried a bit.

But it only took two attempts to come up with a sauce that he declared good enough for his perfectly grilled New York strip steak.

A Unique Combination Of Ingredients

Yes, this recipe has a lot of ingredients, but you probably have most of them lurking around your pantry already.

Steak sauce gets its characteristic flavor and smokiness from a unique combination of ingredients that is typically recreated with some combination of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce.

But I wanted to make it even more basic than that and put together a recipe that really brought the sauce down to pantry staples.

Choose Your Consistency

The biggest difference between this homemade steak sauce recipe and store-bought A1 steak sauce is the consistency.

Out of the food processor, this sauce is a bit thinner than your classic steak sauce. It’s still dip-able, but not that stay-in-the-bottle thick.

You can use it thin if you like. It’s still tasty!

However, there is an easy remedy if you like your steak sauce thick. Simply put the pureed mixture back on the stove and reduce it a bit to thicken it to your desired consistency.

Then get that grill fired up because you’re going to need some steaks to dip into this sauce!

Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe: An A1 Copycat

Prep: 30 min. | Cook: 20 min. | Yield: ½ cup



  1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer for 20 min, until the mixture has reduced slightly.
  3. Let the sauce cool, uncovered, to room temperature.
  4. Place the (unstrained) sauce in the bowl of your food processor. Puree until smooth.
  5. Taste the sauce and adjust the seasonings as desired.
  6. Optional: Return sauce to the saucepan and simmer until it reaches your desired thickness, 5-10 minutes.
  7. Keep the sauce in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The sauce should last for a month if stored this way.

Other Homemade Condiments to Try

Enjoy making your this homemade steak sauce? So did we! Here are a few other condiments to try:

Have you ever tried your hand at homemade steak sauce? Give it a shot, it’s simple and delicious!


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  1. Shelley S says

    Quite a while back, we purchased an A-1 variety which featured peppercorns. It was FANTASTIC! and of course, we’ve never been able to find it since.

    Do you have any idea whether simply adding roughly cracked peppercorns to this recipe would work, or would it ruin the recipe?

    • Sarah Ozimek says

      Hi Shelly,
      I think adding some cracked peppercorns to this recipe would be fantastic! How much you add would depend on your heat/flavor preference. Enjoy!