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Chaffin Orchards Olive Oil

If you’re up on the recent olive oil scandals, you may have heard that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has lost it’s virginity, so to speak.

Many, many, many brands of EVOO have been caught lacing their products with GMO oils, especially the imported brands. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why. These companies are profit driven; they’re concerned with making more money, not putting out a nourishing and delicious product.

That’s why we need to support American olive growers who ARE doing things right.

Did you know: out of all the olive oil purchased in the United States, less than 3% is from an olive orchard here in the States. We need to change this.

Our community votes with their dollars, and it’s time we turned our sites on olive oil. We have had many diyNatural community members ask about a solid (semi-local) source for pure, unadulterated olive oil. We’re happy to report we’ve found THE source – and they’ve generously offered to give away TWO GALLONS of pure olive oil to one lucky diyNatural community member!

Chaffin Family Orchards

Chaffin Family Orchards, located in northern California, is a fifth generation family farm dedicated to sustainable farming. The 2,000 acres of unique farmland has been cultivated to produce food of superb quality, without the use of toxic chemicals.

During a visit to the farm you might see goats pruning the olive trees, chickens fertilizing the farm as they roam, and cattle mowing the orchards. Not only does Chaffin produce award-winning oil from their olives, they also produce a variety of fruit, and even grass-fed meats.

Chaffin Orchards Olive Oil 2

Chaffin’s California Olive Oil

Chaffin Orchard’s Extra Virgin Mission Olive Oil is cold-pressed and unfiltered. The olives come from nearly 100-year-old Mission olive trees. This endangered variety produces some of the best oil, with complex but balanced flavors. Oil from Chaffin olives regularly wins high honors and gold medals at international olive oil competitions.

Chaffin Orchards Olive Oil 3

They harvest the majority of their olives for oil late in the season (when the fruit has turned black) which produces a very mild buttery flavor. This late season oil is excellent for daily use in salad dressings, marinades, sautéing, making mayonnaise, etc. They also do a mid-season harvest where a small percentage of the fruit is still green. This produces an oil with a bit more depth and a bold peppery finish. Many people are accustomed to a stronger oil and prefer the spicy notes to balance the oil.

Both harvests produce fantastic oils and can be used differently depending on the application. The Late Harvest Oil is ideal for everyday use where you don’t want to add a lot of additional flavor notes to your dish. The Mid-Season Oil is slightly more robust and can be utilized better in situations where adding a bit of olive flavor and a little spice would be desirable.

Olive oil futures (and bulk ordering)

Chaffin’s hand-harvested, heirloom olives produce an oil of superb quality that is in high demand. Their oil is currently sold out, so in preparation for this winter’s harvest, Chaffin is offering “olive oil futures.” Purchasing olive oil futures means that you pay a discounted rate in advance and receive your oil (on your doorstep) when the olives are pressed – around February.

Right now you can also take advantage of buying futures in bulk for an even steeper discount, which is perfect for buying clubs and groups of friends. All you need to do is purchase at least 10 gallons and place your order by November 30th.

Giveaway: WIN 2 GALLONS!

Update: This giveaway is over.

Chaffin will be giving away gave away 2 gallons of Extra Virgin Mission Olive Oil to one lucky diyNatural reader!. The winner chose between 2 gallons of their late-harvest oil (with a mild buttery flavor), mid-season oil (with a bold peppery flavor), or one gallon of each. The oil will be shipped at the end of the season when pressing is complete (February 2013).

This generous giveaway was valued at $120 (and includes free shipping)!

The winner was selected at random and announced on Monday, November 12th.

Purchase Chaffin Olive Oil Futures Now

Order your Chaffin Olive Ol Futures now before they run out!


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  1. Gitana the Creative Diva says

    I switched to olive oil for all my cooking and I love that it has health benefits for me and my family. I would love to taste pure unadulterated olive oil made right here in the United States. Hope I’m the winner so I can get that chance. Thanks.

    – Gitana the Creative Diva

  2. Rennie says

    I have been studying about aromatherapy and essential oils…winning this Olive Oil would be wonderful!!!! I definitely need a good, quality carrier oil to get started with.

  3. Mike Parks says

    I’m so sad, but not surprised, as I have been finding olive oil cheaper than ever, i should’ve figured it was too good to be true.

  4. andrew says

    Please stop demonizing the profit motive. Buy the oil you want, but stop complaining about companies that have to make money to pay people and shareholders.

    You want to rail on something? Investigate govt control of what’s organic, and the money there. The most corrupt systems in the world are not private companies, they’re govt.