Fun and Easy to Make Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

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Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

This easy to make essential oil diffuser jewelry is a great way to passively diffuse essential oils. These also make great air fresheners for your vehicle.

Between running errands, taking my kids to after school activities, and all our other daily activities, I feel like I have spent more time away from home than ever. Most of that time seems to be spent in my car.

I have also had a stuffy nose that just won’t go away! Generally, I reach for some of my favorite respiratory essential oils to help ease my symptoms. I have several aromatherapy inhalers that I bring along in my purse, but they are difficult to access when I’m driving.

That led me to search for the perfect way to diffuse essential oils on the go. There are many plug-in ultrasonic diffusers and clip-on diffusers for the car, but I wanted something simple, without water, and easy to use. That’s why I chose to make a passive aromatherapy diffuser in the form of essential oil jewelry.

What is Passive Diffusion?

Passive diffusion is allowing the essential oils to naturally disperse or evaporate into the air. Types of passive diffusers include potpourri, lava beads, or simply by placing essential oils in salt or baking soda and leaving them out on the open air.

I particularly like passive diffusion because it is a more subtle method of using essential oils. They don’t smell quite as strong as they do in an ultrasonic diffuser or aromatherapy nebulizer. With passive diffusion, essential oils gently release their aroma over the course of several hours or days. Then they can be replaced/refreshed as needed.

For this aromatherapy diffuser jewelry, I chose natural lava beads because they are convenient and look lovely on any necklace.

Lava Beads for Your Essential Oil Jewelry

It’s important to choose the right lava beads when you plan to use them for aromatherapy DIYs because they are not all made the same.

Some lava beads are coated with a wax that prevents essential oils from soaking into the cracks. Most of the time you can remove the wax by washing the lava beads in warm water.

Other lava beads can be dyed or colored, which can be problematic when adding essential oils. The oils can cause the dye to bleed or become discolored. Additionally, the dye can prevent essential oils from soaking into the beads.

Choosing natural, uncoated, dye-free lava beads is the best choice for aromatherapy DIYs.

How to Make Essential Oil Jewelry

Making essential oil diffuser jewelry is so easy! For this project, I used lava beads, amethyst gemstone beads, cotton thread, and some metal accents. I simply laid out my pattern and strung the beads together.

One important thing to consider when making a diffuser necklace is the proximity of essential oils to the skin. If there is any chance of the lava beads or undiluted essential oils touching the skin, then the essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the lava beads.


  • 100 amethyst beads
  • 7 gold accent beads
  • 1 gold pendant
  • 3 lava beads
  • Jewelry thread
  • Sewing needle
  • essential oils of choice


  1. Lie out the essential oil jewelry pattern on a flat surface. To make the necklace pictured, I started by laying the pendant in the middle, then placing an equal amount of stones to each side and continuing until all 100 amethyst beads were used.
  2. Measure out the thread based on the length of your pattern, leaving a good bit of extra. I used about 24″.
  3. Knot one end of the thread
  4. Using a sewing needle (which you may or may not need based on your thread), begin adding beads from one end of the pattern, making sure that the focal beads are in the middle. You will tie on the pendant at the end, so leave it out.
  5. Continue threading the beads until you reach the other end of the pattern.
  6. Knot tightly at the end of the pattern and tie both ends together so that the thread cannot be seen.
  7. Secure pendant to the focal beads.

To add essential oils

  1. Place three lava beads in a small bowl
  2. Place 5-10 drops of essential oil on the lava beads and allow them to soak for several minutes to an hour.
  3. Using tweezers or gloved hands, place the lava beads in the pendant.
  4. Wear the essential oil diffuser jewelry or put it in your vehicle for use as a passive diffuser and air freshener.

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry Car

Tip: check out another idea for making an essential oil diffuser necklace.

Have you ever tried passive diffusion with essential oil jewelry? How was your experience?


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  1. Laura says

    Im just wandering where you purchase the jewellery from to make the diffuser jewellery?
    Thank you.

    • Katie Vance says

      Hi Laura, I bought the pendant from Joann Fabrics. The pendant is by Hilde and Jo and it’s called a “Secret Balloon Pendant-Gold.” I bought the amythest beads from Amazon.