Natural DIY Christmas Gifts For Everyone You Know!

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DIY Christmas Gifts

Natural DIY Christmas gifts for everyone you know! We want to relieve some of your holiday stress by giving you gift ideas for ALL the people in your life!

It’s officially Christmas time you guys!

No more sneaking holiday music and longing for a lit-up tree in my living room. December has arrived, and with it, all the joys of the Christmas season.

Of course, all the stresses of Christmas are here too, and the biggest stressor for most of us is buying a long list of Christmas gifts for friends and family. We hope we can relieve a little bit of that stress by giving you a bunch of gift ideas for ALL the people in your life.

We promise to keep in mind differences in budgets, abilities, and DIY experience here, and hopefully, you can find some inspiration to help get you through the season!

DIY Christmas Gifts

Let’s go over some great DIY gifts for all your loved ones!

For Your Significant Other

Your spouse is the most important person in your life. You want them to know that they are loved and cared for, and taking time to give them the perfect gift will help convey that message.

For Men

For your husband, consider an old-fashioned shaving kit. You can make him a special shaving oil, buy him a brush and a really good safety razor, and put them all in a nice, cruelty-free bag. Interesting facial hair has become a trend lately, so if your husband is one of the many guys sporting manly mustaches, this might be perfect for him.

For Women

If you’re looking for gifts to make for a wife or girlfriend, consider making her a special lip balm. Using her favorite essential oils will add an especially sweet touch. Does your wife enjoy a nice, hot bath? Give her a pretty box full of natural bath additives to help her relax and boost her health at the same time. (This gift is especially good if you promise to watch the kids while she enjoys the awesome bath supplies!)

Another great idea for a homemade gift for a spouse is homemade massage oil. I don’t think I need to go into details here, do I? A bottle of massage oil with a handwritten note promising massages in the near future will get you nothing but smiles. Trust me.

Useful Gifts for a Natural Lifestyle

While homemade gifts from the heart are always appreciated, sometimes it’s okay to buy gifts, too. Gifts that can help you live the natural lifestyle you aspire to are especially meaningful. These types of gifts will depend a lot on your spouse’s hobbies and talents, but here are just a few ideas:

  • Good kitchen cookware. Betsy has told us all about what’s safe to use, and we know that a lot of the best quality stuff is expensive. Still, it’s an investment toward the future and a really practical gift. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider a Coated Stainless Steel Dutch Oven. There are so many recipes that require a good Dutch oven, including many simple bread recipes. Here’s another good option if the price on that last one made your heart stop.
  • Gardening tools. While you can easily make your own compost bin, there are some really great ones on the market. This one is one of our favorites.  Another good gardening tool is a precision garden seeder. This makes planting a garden easier, less back-breaking, and neater.
  • Hobby supplies. Is your spouse fully invested in a hobby, or hoping to start a new one? That’s a great way to come up with Christmas gifts. If you know for sure that your spouse wants to become a beekeeper, a beginner’s beekeeping kit makes an awesome gift. Woodworking tools are also great for a beginning carpenter: chisel sets, wood planers, and clamps make for fantastic gifts.

DIY Christmas Gifts for the Children

Whether you have your own children or not, chances are that you have at least one child to buy a gift for this year. Instead of giving them another obnoxiously loud toy that their parents will want to hide in a closet, think about one of these DIY gifts.

Kids are so fun to make things for. They get so excited on Christmas morning, and seeing a child so happy about something you’ve made for them gives you a really good feeling. One of my favorite DIY projects for kids is play dough. It’s simple to make, can be personalized to their favorite colors, and you can have fun finding cool recycled containers to store it in. You can decorate those, too, if you’re feeling extra crafty.

Another great gift for the kids in your life is a batch of homemade bath crayons. My kids love bath crayons. Normal baths just aren’t as much fun after you’ve experienced a bath with art.

For older, more thoughtful children, nature journals can make for great presents. The opportunities for personalization are endless, and older kids will really appreciate a gift tailored to their specific interests.

Useful Gifts for a Natural Lifestyle

In my opinion, any gift that helps a kid gain life skills is the best kind of present.

Gifts for Your Friends

This is a broad category, isn’t it? Of course, you’ll buy gifts for your best friends, but there are also neighbors, school teachers, and coworkers to consider!

DIY Christmas Gifts for friends

Food items make great gifts for friends. If you thought ahead, you might be able to give them homemade vanilla extract. (Maybe next year!) You still have time to make your own Kahlua, and homemade coffee creamers don’t take long at all.

Health and beauty supplies are meaningful presents, too. Natural candles are incredibly useful, as are scented lotion bars. A homemade heat pack always comes in handy, and it could be really fun to pick out a nice fabric for your friend.

Useful Gifts for a Natural Lifestyle

Here are some ideas if you don’t have the time to make gifts.

Now Go Make Some Gifts!

I hope we have you covered when it comes to gift-giving this year. I know that I would love to get everything on this list, and I would be happy to give these things, too.

What are your favorite natural DIY Christmas gifts to give and receive? Share with us in the comments section!


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  1. Sharon Potter says

    I have real problems with the Christmas gifts this year. I believe that the hand made presents are much more valuable than these from the shop. Thank you for this article!

  2. Sam Green says

    Thanks a lot for sharing all of these incredible ideas! I still don’t know what to give to my husband and here I found some very nice suggestions. Thanks!

  3. Karen says

    I really enjoyed this pepper jelly my neighbor gave us. There was a hot red one & a mild green one, so they were Christmasy too. She probably puts up a bunch of it when peppers come in. Then when Christmas rolls around the gifts are already done.