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Berkey Water Filter Lineup

Have you heard of Big Berkey Water Filters??? No? Well, they just happen to be the best gravity water purification systems out there. And Big Berkey is giving away one of their Royal Berkey Water Purifiers to a lucky DIY Natural community member!

The Royal Berkey countertop purifying system includes two Black Berkey purification elements, chambers, lid, a spigot, rubber gasket base, and 2 blocking plugs. This water purifier has a retail value of $283 (including free shipping). The giveaway will run through April 28th, 2013 at midnight EST.

Why is your water purity so important?

We know there is no life without water. But what if your water source is fluoridated, chlorinated, or contaminated with pesticides, pathogenic bacteria, and harmful chemicals? Is this water still healthy and life promoting?

The short answer is no. The fluoride that’s being added to our municipal water supplies is actually a toxic industrial waste product that has several negative health effects, leading many countries to ban this practice. (Read more about this here or here.) When chlorine is added to our water as a disinfectant, it actually reacts with rotting organic matter and creates a family of chemicals known as trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes have been shown to cause several types of cancer, and may also present reproductive and developmental risks. (source) And these are two things municipal water facilities intentionally put into our water. *Gasp!*

It’s important to scrutinize your water purity the same way you carefully choose food or other things entering into your body. Ideally, we would all have access to uncontaminated free-flowing spring water. But we don’t. So we look for other options.

Why we love Berkey

Whole house filtration systems are the best option, but they’re extremely expensive. It is also expensive and wasteful to continually buy bottled water. Not to mention, sometimes these companies are just using the same municipal tap water you’re trying to avoid. Brita pitchers have limited filtering capabilities and filters that have to be continually replaced.

Berkey Water Filtration Systems claim to be the most effective, economical water purifiers available. (Matt did the math and the Royal Berkey beat out the cost of the current water purification system we use.) These filtering systems will filter out the bad, while leaving the good. According to the Berkey website:

Berkey water filter systems are far superior to other filtration systems because they remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine to levels higher than 99.99%, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.

The Royal Berkey Water Filter

Royal Berkey Water Filter

The Royal Berkey is a beauty! It’s constructed out of polished stainless steel, so you won’t have to worry about plastics or other contaminants leaching into your purified water. It has a capacity of 3.25 gallons of water.

The powerful Black Berkey purification elements are capable of filtering treated (municipal) water and also raw untreated water from lakes, streams, etc. The set of 2 Black Berkey filters inside the Royal Berkey will filter up to 6,000 gallons of water. This means if you drink 10 gallons per week, you won’t have to replace the filters for more than 11 years!

What does this water purifier filter out?

Black Berkey Purification Elements

This system filters out those nasty trihalomethanes produced by chlorine. It also completely removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites, while extracting herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, and VOCs. It reduces minerals such as lead and mercury while retaining all the beneficial minerals we need. In addition, it removes odors and unpleasant tastes. Optional fluoride filters can also be purchased separately if your municipal water source contains fluoride.

Enter to win a Royal Berkey Water Filter

Follow these 3 simple steps to enter the giveaway:

1. Click on the link below to visit the Berkey website. This is the mandatory entry. After you visit the link, just return to this article and complete steps 2 and 3.

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Note: This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. 

A winner will be chosen via We will announce the lucky winner on Monday, April 29th, 2013 in our newsletter and on Facebook and Google+. The winner will have 48 hours to contact us with his or her full name, address, and phone number. There is no purchase necessary to win.

Bonus Coupon Details

As a bonus, Big Berkey is offering DIY Natural readers a 5% off coupon on all their products through the end of May. Just enter coupon code Giveaway2013 at checkout to receive your discount.

Best of luck to everyone!


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  1. Lindsey Fratto says

    Praying we win this one, it would be such a huge blessing. I’ve been saving up for a berkey, because I have a lot of chemical sensitivities and am allergic to chlorine. We haven’t been able to afford this yet. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  2. April says

    Would be nice to win this and have clean cooking water plus drinking water. Thanks for having this giveaway

  3. Shannan says

    I just purchased an electric tea kettle and am disgusted by what my water looks like in this. I can see grime and particles. I would love to win this to have clean water!

  4. Kayla Block says

    Wish I knew how to access my Javascript! Not sure how that works, how to find it, how to change it. Can I prove I went to the Berkey Website another way?

  5. JoAnne Kinyon says

    Oh I wish we would win! I have been saving up to purchase one and other expenses keep getting in the way!! We drink so much water and I would like it to be as clean as possible for my 3 little ones! Thanks!

  6. Marsha says

    It is a dream of mine to some day own a Berkey! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  7. Nancy says

    What an exciting and healthy give away, I’m so excited! I’m having a bit of a problem for some reason getting all of the credits. I received 1 credit for watching the video, but nothing for liking them on facebook. I logged into Pinterest (which we have in my husband’s name Kurt), so obviously that would be a problem. I pinned several items under survival/preparedness. Is there any thing I can do to fix any of these glitches? I appreciate any help you or Royal Berkey Water Filter can give me. Thanks for all you do to educate and bring joy to so many.

    • Betsy Jabs says

      If you’ve completed those things, all you need to do is come back to this page, get into the Rafflecopter widget, and click that you’ve completed those extra entries. The Rafflecopter widget will give you credit for those things. Does that make sense?

  8. Lisa says

    I would really love to win one of these. My local health food store has one and the water from it tastes great!

  9. willowsprite says

    Great giveaway! We live in rural-town northern Alberta and the water here is awful! It alternates between smelling very chlorine-y to swampy to, ahem, OTHER-smelly. It seems the only options here are buy your water in a giant jug or just “suck it up.” Go to any store here in Canada looking for a filtration system and it’s Brita. That’s it. Brita. Yay.

  10. Shanna says

    Live in town with fluoride and who knows what else in my water. 🙁 Have wanted one of these since learning about them from Mommypotamus. Thanks for the chance to win one! 🙂

  11. Shell says

    Oh so excited for this! Having my little one in 7 weeks, so water quality us so important, now more than ever!

  12. Teri S says

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! I’ve been looking for a water filter that filters out fluoride!!!

  13. Kim Speed says

    We live in a city, so I have been looking at these filters. Would love to be able to get clean water for my food allergic kids and myself too!