Benefits of Rosemary and 10 Ways to Use It

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Benefits of Rosemary

Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is at once familiar and exotic. Though its resinous smell is easy to recognize, most people have less than 5 regular recipes that feature this great herb.

As you’ll read below, the benefits of rosemary make it deserving of a more prominent place in the kitchen. And with the season of eating upon us it’s important to get to know just how amazing this plant really is.

Caring for Rosemary Plants

Right now at the front entrance of my local grocery store there are living rosemary centerpieces for sale. They are easy to grow throughout winter if you know a few tips.


Rosemary likes a lot of light, 6-8 hours to be precise. Place the plant indoors, in a south facing window where the temperature remains warm.


This is the really tricky part. Too much water will cause rot and too little will cause massive die-back. Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant – it doesn’t like to stand in wet soil but it also doesn’t like drought. It loves a bit of misting on its foliage. Water it when the top of the soil looks parched from the last watering.

Benefits of Rosemary and 10 Ways to Use it

You can use both dried and fresh rosemary leaves for all of the following. (Find dried organic rosemary here.)

1. Digestive Aid

Rosemary is a supreme digestive aide. As a tonic and bitter it supports our ability to digest large proteins, such as those found in meat, dairy, and grain. A cup of rosemary tea just before you eat, or just after, will do a world of good for those who suffer with bloating, blood sugar issues, gas, and pain in their digestive tract.

2. Headaches

It is a simple solution for headaches. A cup of rosemary tea has been equated to taking an aspirin for minor aches and pains. Simply place a few fresh picked sprigs in the bottom of a cup, add hot water, cover and steep for 10-15 minutes, strain and enjoy.

3. Hair Health

It is well-known for its abilities to thicken and often regrow hair. Rosemary tea as a wash or component of homemade shampoo is the way to go if you’ve been struggling with thinning hair.

4. Stress and Anxiety

Rosemary tea can be a helpful strategy in coping with stress and anxiety.

5. Brain Fog

It has a long reputation for being used in those who struggle with focus or brain-fog.

6. Memory

Rosemary is the “herb of remembrance.” It was prevalent at ancient funerals and exchanged between friends, now we can enjoy a cup of tea to boost our mental capacity.

7. Congestion

Rosemary leaves added to a sinus steam can open up our congested head and allow us to breathe easier.

8. Menopause

It can bring relief to women going through menopause, alleviating some of the symptoms of hot flash.

9. Invigorate and Soothe

Rosemary in a bath can invigorate us for the day and soothe sore muscles.

10. Topical

Applied topically, rosemary can prevent bruising, soothe sore/stiff joints, and support healing in most skin diseases.

I hope your holiday season of eating is filled with friends and family, laughter and love. All of the uses of rosemary can be had with both dried and fresh leaves, but I tend to keep both on hand. (Find dried organic rosemary here.)

When you pass that fresh rosemary plant at your grocery store, be sure to pick one up and take care of it throughout the winter. It will benefit the health of you and yours with abundance!


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  1. Bobbie says

    I was wondering if you had any recipes to use rosemary in? Most importantly a memory recipe and topical recipe?

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      I just harvest about 1kg of Rosemary needles and dried them in the sun some I have put through nutra bullet to make a cooking powder.
      the rest still whole. How do I make tea as most of the above is me.
      Thanking You
      Ken Hopgood
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