Homemade Goo Gone: A Natural Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover Homemade Goo Gone

This adhesive remover recipe is a natural homemade goo gone that delivers the same results without all the harsh chemical additives. Use with confidence.

Homemade Goo Gone

One of the greatest things about natural DIY products is that many of them have multiple uses. This is rarely the case with store-bought products.

Example: Would you ever use your store-bought deodorant as an exfoliating scrub for your face, and also as an adhesive remover? Probably not. BUT, when you make your own products out of all-natural ingredients, you have more options for using them in different applications.

I had a homemade deodorant mixture of coconut oil and baking soda that was a little heavy on the baking soda, making it too strong for my underarms. But I can’t stand to let things go to waste, so I kept it in the cupboard and found other uses for it (like gently exfoliating my face). After coming across this article, I knew I could also be using it as an adhesive remover to get sticky labels off jars, or price tags off new purchases.

Adhesive Remover: Natural and Homemade

It might seem a little counterintuitive to get sticky, gummy labels off with and adhesive remover made of oil, but it really works like a charm! In the past I had tried using straight orange essential oil to get stickers off things. Sweet orange oil has wonderful de-greasing power when used for cleaning or beauty, but it didn’t always work for gummy, stuck-on labels.

I had also tried plain baking soda, along with lots of elbow grease, and I just wasn’t happy with the results. Well, what do you know, the combination of baking soda and a little oil makes labels and stickers slide right off. It’s the perfect recipe for an adhesive remover, a.k.a. homemade goo gone!

Adhesive Remover: Homemade Goo Gone

Adhesive Remover Homemade Goo Gone 2Adhesive Remover Homemade Goo Gone 1

Adhesive Remover Homemade Goo Gone 3





  1. Remove as much of the label or sticker as you can before beginning. Combine ingredients in a small bowl and mash together with a spoon or small spatula until it forms a thick paste.
  2. Apply homemade goo gone with fingers or a cloth, rubbing it in until label/sticker is completely gone.
  3. Wash with warm water and soap to remove any leftover goop or oil.

Voila! Label gone. (Just so you know how well this stuff works...I couldn't tell where the label had been when I went to take the "after" picture. I think I showed you the wrong side - ha!)

The best part - I don't have to recycle glass containers just because I'm dreading the hassle of removing the labels. Now, if I could only find more space to keep my glass jar hoard.

You can store your homemade goo gone in a sealed container and keep for later use.


It makes a fabulous moisturizing facial exfoliant! With the addition of sweet orange essential oil, it's perfect for oily skin.

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  1. I’ve used this combo for quite a while now, and I love it! If I have a “stubborn” label, I just leave the paste on it for an hour or so….or the next time I wash dishes, and it comes right off…no scrubbing most of the time. LOVE being as chemical free in my home as possible!!! Love your site!!!

  2. Ha ha! I accidently found out about oil removing sticky stuff when my son worked for a tree service. He came home covered in pine sap every day. Rather than have him scrub off a layer of skin every day I concocted a recipe made of olive oil and orange and lemon essential oils. Worked like a charm!!

  3. I’ve had great success soaking glass jars in a bowl or sink of hot water with a 1/4 cup (or so) of washing soda dissolved in it. If you’re patient and let it do it’s thing, most labels slide right off after 20 minutes or so – depending on the type of adhesive.

    • Hmmm…I’d be hesitant to use this particular goo remover on fabric because the coconut oil is so greasy. Instead, you may want to try pulling the sticker residue off with another really sticky tape. Sometimes dabbing masking tape or scotch tape onto sticky residue will pull it right off.

  4. I have stickiness on my carpet left behind by duct tape. Would this work for that or what would you suggest to remove it that will not harm the carpet?

  5. I just tried it with the residue from nicotine patches. Pleas no one judge me. I am vegan and as green as I can be. As an ex addict/alcoholic (in recovery) this is my last vise and very hard to beat. Thank you!

    • Judith –
      How awesome that you are successfully following a path of health. Pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come. Presumably you’ve gone from cigarettes to nicotine patches – that’s progress. Stay true to being the healthiest YOU can be!
      Nice share. I respect you.

  6. I know you may not know the answer to this but I’m a bit desperate. I was using a mason jar for a sleep salve I saw off of Camp Wander. One of the instructions was to put a mason jar with the ingredients in a boiling pot of water. I did this but I never paid attention to the UPC sticker on the bottom of the mason jar. It came off easily but I was so happy I got the recipe right that I forgot about the sticker. A few hours later I went to clean up my mess and saw the sticker sticky side down stuck to the bottom of my non-stick pot. I don’t know why I tried to peel it off. It barely did leaving the sticky residue at the bottom of my pot. I know baking soda is kind of abrasive and was wondering if you know if this remedy will work on non-stick items?

    • This recipe makes a very smooth paste that should be gentle enough on most surfaces – even nonstick surfaces. If you’re worried about the baking soda, try using just coconut oil at first to see if that works. If not, add a tiny bit of baking soda and rub it around gently.

  7. I am enjoying your site. It is very uplifting and rewarding. In Trinidad and Tobago like almost everywhere else in the world, money matters so when I found your site I was overjoyed. Thank you and your family for taking the time and effort to share with not only your friends but with the whole world. Blessings on you! Re: aloe vera, always wash gel right after scooping out of insides to get the bitterness out. Proceed to blend for juice.

  8. IF it is glass or plastic bottle or jar labels you are wanting to remove…. fill the jar with very hot water with out wetting the outside of the jar. This softens the label and you can usually just peel it off in its entirety with in a few seconds. If you wet the outside of the jar, it won’t come off cleanly. Then just put some ordinary cooking oil on to the residue and it will rub off easily with your thumb. It can remove the residue from cardio dots too.

  9. Can’t wait to try this. I have jars in my pantry with “goo” on them still from labels just waiting for me to figure out a way to get it off. So glad you posted this! One question… do you have a way to get the odor out of used jars? For instance, I have an old spaghetti sauce jar that has even been washed in the dishwasher and still smells like sauce. I don’t want anything I put in there to smell like spaghetti sauce!

    • I usually fill smelly jars with white vinegar and water and allow them to soak for a day, then rinse well. If that doesn’t work, you could try putting some baking soda in the dry jar, capping it, shaking, and allowing it to sit for a day or two to soak up odors. Then of course, rinse and dry.

  10. You can see the date stamp in all the pictures. That can tell you where the goop was. Almost the right side. Looks good!

  11. The funny thing about this is….. I use this same paste to brush my teeth, only use peppermint oil instead of the orange oil!

  12. This is something I’ve been waiting for. I hate using Goo Gone. I can tell from the smell it is at least partly a petroleum product and the thought of using it always repelled me. But sometimes I found it to be the only thing that worked and resigned myself to having to use it occasionally. I’ll be delighted to throw the bottle away!

    • Yes, the list of warnings on bottles of Goo Gone are pretty long. It DOES contain some nasty stuff. I was the same…I kept a bottle of it around because sometimes it was the only thing that worked for me – UNTIL I started using this. Hope you love it!

  13. I’m SO excited for this! I had some cardio tests done, and I’m full of adhesive marks. I have very sensitive skin and wasn’t about to use Goo Gone or WD40 on my skin, but this should work perfectly 🙂 I’ve used this as a facial scrub before… didn’t even think of it for removing adhesive. Thanks!