Yes on Prop 37: Cultures For Health – Food Dehydrator Giveaway – $542 Value!

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Cultures For HealthCultures For Health

We’re excited to announce our first ever diyNatural giveaway! Better yet, it will be benefitting the Yes on Proposition 37 Campaign, and was made possible by the web-based company, Cultures for Health.

This company, owned by a husband and wife team, is committed to making available products they believe will help others in their Real Food journey. Their business focuses on a simple goal:

Cultures For Health Goal: To create a website where people making a food change in their own lives could find all the products and information they need to be successful.

Wow! That’s awesome.

It’s their passion, livelihood, and ministry to see others succeed in making the transition to real, healthful foods. Their mission is such a breath of fresh air in a food industry that withholds information from consumers and is becoming increasingly corrupt.

Cultures for Health sells many of the supplies you will need for your Real Food lifestyle, including starter cultures, products for baking, sprouting, fermenting, and cheese making.

Yes on Prop 37

Proposition 37, a Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered (aka GMO) Food Initiative, is on the November 6, 2012 ballot in California as an initiated state statute.

It’s also known as “The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.”

As you may know, these GMO foods are showing up everywhere on store shelves and have been found to be harmful to health. Companies are getting away with sneaking GMO ingredients into our foods, without having to tell consumers. Genetically modified crops are an enormous issue that affects our food supply and environment worldwide.

What if you don’t live in California? This initiative affects all of us! Next month voters in California will be asked to make an important decision that will have a ripple effect. If Prop 37 passes, GMO labeling will be mandatory in California, and manufacturers will likely begin labeling for GMOs nationally. (It will look REALLY bad on their labels if they don’t stop using GMO ingredients!)

Considering these things, it’s easy to see how we’ll all reap the benefits of Prop 37 being signed into law.

Yes on Prop 37

The results of the November 6th vote in California will set a precedent for other states to follow suit, and for better transparency in the food industry.

Because of these things, we want to do everything we can to support its passing.

Not surprisingly, large corporations have put up over $30 million to oppose Prop 37. Companies like Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and Kellog’s (and many more) are doing everything they can to stop the passing of this initiative.

Sadly, the little guys who are in support of Prop 37 just can’t match those millions of dollars to help get the word out. So, it’s up to us to help chip in to raise the funds to help educate Californians about the dangers of GMOs. Commercials, billboards, and other ads will help get people out to VOTE YES on Prop 37 on November 6th.

Giveaway: 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator model 3900 – $542 Value

To help raise funds for Yes on Prop 37, Cultures For Health has generously donated this incredible Excalibur dehydrator package! We have been coveting this exact dehydrator for months now, and are so excited (and a little jealous) one of our readers will soon have this awesome dehydrator system in their kitchen!

Excalibur Food Dehydrator

The winner will receive, not only one of the best dehydrators on the market, but also all the peripheral components needed to get started.

Here is a list of everything Cultures For Health is giving away:

Here are additional features of this awesome dehydrator package:

  • BPA-free trays
  • 15 sq. ft. of drying area
  • 600 watts, 7″ fan
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Heavy duty motor and heating element
  • 12 ½” H x 17″ W x 19″ D

Things this dehydrator can do

Use it for making dried fruits, veggies, herbs, jerkies, and a million other tasty treats. It’s the perfect time of year to put up the last of your garden goodies with this versatile dehydrator.

In addition, the Excalibur Food Dehydrator can be used for fermenting or culturing. With low temperature settings, it even doubles as a yogurt maker!

Enter To Win the Excalibur Dehydrator


Click here for the Official Rules.

Thank you and good luck

Thank you so very much for donating whatever you can to such an important cause. Sending good luck your way!


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  1. Virginia says

    I support Prop 37, because I believe we have the right to know EVERYTHING that goes in our food, including genetics. Requiring the labelling of GMO products should be required in every state. I hope California residents will pass this proposition, and I hope the rest of the states will quickly follow! I think that it is a real shame that we have to even be talking about this issue. Whatever happened to “do the right thing?”

  2. Susan C. says

    I totally support Prop 37. We have a right to know what is in the food we buy/eat. I pray that it passes and we can see the ripple effect here in TX!

  3. Marie James says

    We support everyone’s rights to know what they are purchasing, consuming, and feeding to their loved ones, pets, and livestock. It is a sad state of our culture that GMO labeling has become such an issue with so much resistance. We definitely support Prop 37 and other initiatives to require labeling of products containing GMO ingredients. Ultimately we would like to see an end to the production of GMOs in the first place.

    We have written about GMOs at and continue to share ideas for providing more GMO-free food for ourselves and our communities.

  4. Deborah Wynn says

    I support Prop 37, it’s one of the reason why we moved from our home of 24 years to another state. Just so we could control what we ate by growing our own food free from damaging junk added by the food industry. GMO’s have NOTHING to offer but misery and cheap imitations of REAL food. Hiding behind the false lies is the lure for more $ at the expense of innocent children who don’t have a voice in what is served them. EACH individual should be able to make that decision for themselves, not some chemical company.

  5. Melonie R says

    Whether the government or big companies or anyone else thinks GMO foods are safe is not the point. We have a right to know whether foods are GMO or not! Let the consumer make the decision whether or not they’re safe!

  6. Mendy Boyd says

    I support Yes to prop 37. I think it is shameful that this is even an issue, we have a right to know about what we are eating. I have starting growing as much of my own food as I can.

  7. Cherisa Rempe says

    Everyone has the right to know what we are putting in our mouth and the mouths of our children. Those against it have something to hide.

  8. Kathy says

    I support Prop 37 because I want to avoid GMOs. If there is nothing wrong with them then the companies should have no problem labeling them. Let consumers make their voice heard by voting for the products they wish to consume with their dollars.

  9. Jon says

    I do support proposition 37 and donated to Millions Against Monstanto a few months back. I believe we have to right to be informed and to choose what we eat.

  10. Melissa says

    I think that we, as consumers, have every right to know what is in the foods that we put into our families’ bodies!

  11. Cheryl Trotti says

    Our children deserve to grow up eating whole natural foods. Their lives will be much healthier. They require labels on drugs, vitamins, etc. Labels should be required on GM foods

  12. Leah says

    I am so glad for this legislation! I just want real food,nothing less:)My hope is that other states take this on as well.

  13. Jennifer says

    We have a right to know what is in our food! Our family also deals with food allergies/intolerances and autoimmune diseases. We need to know what we are eating and have it labeled properly. Thank you to all who have worked on this issue!

  14. Miranda says

    I am so excited about this legislation! I hope and pray that more changes will take place that will enable people to easily make better food choices 🙂

  15. Karen D says

    I support the right to know what is in food. I do wish that there would be a total ban on these altered ‘foods’, but short of that, information is a consumer’s right. I think that Prop 37 is a first step…hopefully other states will follow suit.

  16. Christa Z says

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 6 and am an ardent support of a green world and a healthy life. We may not have much money, but I *have* been advocating for Prop 37 on my facebook page, and have seen several friends take up the cause as well. Down with Monsanto! Yes to labeling GMOs! (and eradicating them!)