Sugar Wax Recipe

Sugar Wax Recipe: Homemade Wax for Legs

Yield 10 ounces



  1. Place lemon juice, sugar, and water in the pan on the stove. Heat slowly up to a slow boil. Reduce the heat and simmer until it becomes smooth and golden. This is about 260°F, but don't worry too much about the temperature. Take it off the heat and transfer it to a stainless steel bowl. (Glass may crack at high temps and aluminum may react to the lemon juice.) Let it cool a bit - it will probably turn darker.
  2. While it's cooling, wash your legs and exfoliate. You can use any of these natural exfoliants to get your legs really clean. Dry your legs and apply a thin layer of powder, like cornstarch or arrowroot powder.
  3. Take out about a ping pong sized ball of this sugar wax recipe. Knead it until it's smooth. Spread it on your leg, moving in the direction of the hair. Always go with the hair growth, not against it.
  4. After it's spread on your leg, take a cloth strip and press it onto the wax. (I have a bunch of flannel cloth strips I use for this. These will stick well and clean up easy. They can be used over and over for waxing.) You'll want to wait until the wax has cooled to your body temperature. Then, grip the bottom edge of the strip and pull very quickly against the growth of the hair. Like a bandage, just rip it off--fast! If you hesitate, it will be more painful. You may not get all the hair the first time, so wait a few days before you do it again. You don't want to irritate your skin too much.
  5. When you're done, rinse off any remaining sugar mixture and moisturize. Try an oil such as jojoba or grapeseed to minimize redness. It will likely be sore the first time, but will get better as you do it more often.

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