Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder

How to Make Natural Styptic Powder

Making styptic powder is simple, inexpensive, and itĀ contains no harmful ingredients. You may even already have the materials on hand.

You can findĀ all of these herbs and bentonite clay here.



Measure out approximately one tablespoon of each ingredient. Use a coffee grinder or spice mill to grind the herbs to a fine powder. Add the clay to the herbs and mix well. Store your styptic powder in a sealed jar to keep moisture out.

To use, apply the styptic powder to a wound and press lightly. The bleeding should stop within a minute or so. If the wound is large or deep, it may take a few tries.


My favorite herb to stop bleeding is cinnamon powder. Gently apply cinnamon to a wound and it will stop bleeding quickly! But for a mixture that will help to kill germs along and stop bleeding, use any or all of the compounds listed here.

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