Raw Food Diet Day 2 – Detox Update

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In case you missed yesterday’s article, for the entire month of June, 2011 we are switching to a raw food diet.  Although I will not be giving daily updates on the blog, today I wanted to let you know about the detox stage I’m going through… because it has gotten pretty bad.

My raw food diet detox symptoms:

  • very runny nose
  • headache
  • sneezing
  • brain fog
  • lethargy

Rather than try to explain all the detox symptoms in text I shot this video.

A video journal of my detox symptoms

Are you joining in the raw food diet month with us?  Have you been going through any detox symptoms?

Share your questions or comments with the community below.


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  1. Nola says

    OMG…I’m just starting my raw/whole foods diet for the month of September, so I’m already on day 11, and I have to tell you, I’ve experienced the lethargy, I’ve had acne and a rash break out on the side of my body, and today I have the sneazies, and I look A LOT like how you look in the video above. LOL I felt the sneazies after I returned from a jog this morning, and they haven’t gone away yet.

    My thinking is similar to yours, too, like “what kinds of toxins did I have in my body that have to come out in the form of mucous, rashes, etc.?” I don’t necessarily eat organic foods all of the time, but I try to eat fairly healthy, not a lot of junk food, but I admittedly didn’t have a stellar diet. Nonetheless, I’ve never been a big health nut, and just thought “food was food” because I didn’t really take the time to think about it, and I’m just amazed at how my raw diet journey is teaching me the importance of being mindful about what goes into my body. It’s amazing!!

    I will say that the benefit of not being as hungry as I usually am, and, therefore, not eating as much is just one of the reasons I’m going to stick with this diet, as I’m trying to carry around a body that I can be totally proud of, that’s not dragging me down with excess weight. I also like the idea of getting all of the nutrients and enzymes in the food I’m eating. So, we’ll see. Thanks for your post, though. Glad to see someone else is experiencing what I’m experiencing to some degree.


  2. tranquilitywow says

    After the starting a raw food diet combined with herbal detox tinctures from Dr. Robert Morse, ND of Port Charlotte, FL, for the past 2 months I have had:

    Severe swelling of all / both toes, feet, legs, thighs all the way up to the low back. Constipation / Severe diarrhea. Poking out abdomen like I am 7 months pregnant. Difficulty walking due to swelling. Ankles stay in the 90 degree position due to swelling of foot and calves. Severe discomfort on bending down. Must sit in a chair after bending down so I don’t collapse. Can only life legs up 3 inches off the floor. Have to lift each leg to get it into the car. Severe daily fatigue. Non productive cough on lying on my back, side or stomach. Bad insomnia: wake up at 1 or 2 AM and then no sleep until 5 AM. If I juice celery and carrots: legs start to swell worse. If I eat grapefruit or drink freshly squeezed grapefruit juice: legs start to swell. The swelling feels very, very tight. Sometimes the outside of the leg is cold to the touch.

    Sounds like this is not detoxing, right?

    • tranquilitywow says

      I forgot to add:

      Sometimes I wake up the clear fluid running down my nose. Rarely one eye is ringed with mucus (the left eye). I also have bad, bad, bad gas and only small amounts of bowel movements that are liquidy, dark green and pudding-like.. Urine is dark, dark dark. and only small amounts come out. I might go to the bathroom 5 times per day…

  3. Carrie says

    I know this video is old but if you want complete understanding of the raw diet, purchase The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Dr. Robert Morse. It is the most read book in our home. I get away from the raw food diet, feel bad from toxins building up, and grab the book out again. Another great author is Norman Walker. I have all of his books. Amazon is great for buying all of these. Hope this helps for next June or sooner.

  4. Country heart roaming the city says

    I remember my very first detox combined with (here comes gross) the dail enema. OH MAN! Sick central the first few days and similar to a cold. My eyes were brighter, skin smoother and the energy after was wonderful.

  5. Jenni says

    Im so glad to hear you are still doing it! It can be alot tougher than people realize! The process of cooking foods actually creates toxins our body has to deal with, so even if your diet was healthy before, if its cooked its still toxic. Cant wait to hear more and great site btw!

    • Matt Jabs says

      Jenni, you rock, and so does your site – never stop contributing what you are… it’s so helpful. And thanks for the encouragement – I WILL keep going. God bless.

  6. Roderic Berry says

    Hey Matt. Good Question. Where are all of those toxins coming from? That tells me that even if we go above and beyond to eat right there still may be things that slip throught the cracks. I think that strengthens the argument for the need to detox. Sorry I cant do it with you but it is definately something that I plan to do soon. Thanks again!!!

    • Matt Jabs says

      Yeah, I was pretty amazed at how strong the detox was based on the already healthy diet we have. Raw is powerful, I can definitely say that. Even if you can’t join in now Roderic, why not just do one raw meal each day… like for breakfast. Can’t beat a banana and an orange for breakfast. 🙂

  7. Julie! says

    It’s been a couple of days Matty, how are you feeling now? Are you still having the cravings? Or fully satisfied now, this first week is always the hardest for me. I’ve been thinking about doing a diet like this before I saw your blogs, would you mind sharing how the price compares to grocery shopping used to cost?

    • Matt Jabs says

      Well, things are MUCH better now! I feel great and am still going strong. I had a few slip ups over the weekend, but never anything terrible, and zero meat still. Cravings are still there, but I’ll just have a snack or one par-cooked veggie meal to satisfy myself, then move on. After that I usually find myself craving raw fruit, which is cool.

      Groceries don’t cost anymore because your total cost is taken up by raw fruits and veggies instead of all the other stuff. We belong to a CSA that starts June 15th, so that will be nice. Also, growing what you can at home saves big time. I say go it Julie! 🙂

  8. Matt Jabs says

    @Peter and Jenni, I’m not sure but whatever it was it was rough. Just getting over it today – ugh. I’m still raw though although the month long will be harder than I first supposed. This weekend I began craving cooked foods pretty bad.

  9. Jenni says

    Definitely Detox!! I know it is rough, I have gone through it a couple times on my journey back and forth with the raw diet but it is so worth it! Pretty soon you will have some great bursts of energy, maybe followed by more lethargy as you still detox, but the end result is going to be great for you! Can’t wait to hear how today is going 🙂