Easter Lotion Bars

Easter Lotion Bars in Easter Eggs



1. In a double boiler (or a glass measuring cup inside a small pot of water), melt beeswax.

2. Measure in cocoa butter and coconut oil.

3. Allow everything to melt completely, stirring occasionally (this could take a little while). While you are waiting for everything to melt, prepare your molds.

4. Gather plastic Easter eggs and cover the holes on the bottom of the egg with clear tape. Tape around the middle of the egg, creating a tight seal.

5. Using a small drill or utensil, poke a small hole in the top of the eggs. (My hole was the size of a small funnel end.)

Easter Lotion Bars 1

6. Place the eggs in an egg carton to help keep it upright.

Easter Lotion Bars 3

7. Once the lotion has melted completely, give it one final stir and allow it to cool slightly.

8. When the lotion is still liquid, but slightly cooled, pour into the prepared egg molds (or other soap or candy mold), filling completely. I like to use a medicine dropper for this so I can get the lotion into the small holes in the eggs.

Easter Lotion Bars 2

9. Allow the lotion bar to cool and harden completely while in the molds. To easily remove the lotion bar from the mold, place the mold in the freezer for a few hours. The lotion bars should pop right out once frozen.


I chose to leave my lotion bars in the Easter egg mold because they look super cute in Easter baskets and the mold helps protect the lotion bar from getting dirty. That said, these homemade lotion bars are great for any time of year!

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