Great Recipe for Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made this healthy chocolate chip cookies recipe so I could finally feel good about eating my favorite treat complete with natural sweeteners and no oil.

Can Chocolate Chip Cookies be Healthy?

Though a bit of a health nut, I’ve always had a weakness for a delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie. It never helped when Betsy would bake her delicious batches of traditional cookies.

I love her cookies but didn’t love the guilty feeling of eating all the unhealthy ingredients. Also, I wanted to find that perfect chocolate chip cookie that is delicious and healthful. I knew that making a healthful cookie wouldn’t give us the same type of taste, but was confident I could create something that could still satisfy our sweet tooth! So one rainy day I set out to create the perfect healthful chocolate chip cookie recipe.

As a result, I’m happy to report that my commitment paid off! We now enjoy this dessert masterpiece not only after meals but also as a snack and even as an occasional quick breakfast. The recipe freezes well, in fact, I prefer them frozen so we usually freeze half for me and refrigerate Betsy’s half (although they don’t need to be refrigerated). Finally, we’re happy to share our delicious discovery with you!

The Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies




Finishing touches


Preheat oven to 350°. In a mixing bowl, combine all the wet ingredients (I partially soften the butter first, just be careful not to melt it too much). Stir them together with a wooden spoon. In a separate bowl, combine the dry ingredients. Slowly add dry ingredients to the wet, stirring thoroughly to combine. Add any desired finishing touches. Place cookies on baking sheet and bake for 12 – 14 minutes, depending on your oven and how well done you like your cookies.  Enjoy fresh out of the oven, or frozen and thawed for a few minutes.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Options

Don’t like some of the above ingredients? Add whatever you have a taste for here and substitute it for the finishing touches above. Here are some ideas for additional ingredients:

Note: Remember, these healthy chocolate chip cookies freeze well, can be eaten as a breakfast meal, and are a great healthy treat for any time of day. These are more bread-like and soft than traditional chocolate chip cookies, and will not get stale if left at room temperature for a few days. Enjoy!


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  1. melanie says

    I’m excited! I have tried modifing my fav cookie recipie to use WW, but found they were harder than i like…

    Will have to try!!!

  2. AshG says

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been looking for a healthy substitute for my sweet tooth. Plan on using these to make healthy ice cream sandwiches with froyo!!

  3. Christine says

    AMAZING! I read your recipe and the comments and knew I had to try them. Absolutely delicious. Even my brothers, who hate me trying to make all their favorite desserts healthy, are begging me to make more. Definitely a keeper!!

  4. Stephanie says

    Thank you so much for posting this recipe, they taste great! I subbed half of the oatmeal with Flaxseed Meal to give an extra boost. Didn’t have dark chocolate so I used milk chocolate so not as healthy but I am hoping my kids like them. I love that there is no sugar other than what is in the chocolate in these cookies. Thanks again!

  5. Beth says

    These were super yummy cookies. I was surprised when all my children except one loved them too. Thanks for the great recipe.

  6. Dayna Reidenouer says

    I don’t have whole wheat flour at the moment. Can I use rye flour? (I have buckwheat and cornmeal on hand, too.)

    Since I’m lacking applesauce at the moment, I’m going to put part of an apple and two bananas in the blender and see what happens before creaming them with the butter.

    Question – why do you add an extra egg white? Can I just use a teaspoon or so of water?

    • Matt Jabs says

      Hi Dayna, you can do whatever you’d like w/the recipe… don’t be afraid to make it your own. I can tell you that banana will make the cookies much softer, spongier, and more moist… kind of more like cake than cookies, but it tastes great. You could use any type of flour you’d like, but the cookies would of course take on the flavor of the flour used.

  7. Tayyaba says

    Hey, i was wondering what you mean by stick butter, where i live butter comes in blocks of cubes in certain grams; could you please let me know how much is 1/2 stick butter in ounces or grams? Also, is the unsweetened apple sauce homemade or commercial? whats more, i cant find the bittersweet chocolate chip cookies by ghirardelli :(..could you please let me know some other substitute to that brand? i really want to bake these cookies, would really appreciate a response 🙂 thanks!

    • Matt Jabs says

      Hi Tayyaba. Just use whatever dark chocolate chips you can find (the Ghirardelli are 60% cacao.) A 1/2 stick of butter is 2 ounces. We now have homemade applesauce, but have also used store-bought, so either is fine. Go for it! 🙂

  8. Bridgit Garrett says

    Hey Matt….getting ready to make these delicious cookies at the Garrett household…hope mine come out as good as yours and Betsy’s! I went to the store and specifically bought the dark chocolate ghiradelli chips…yummy! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    • Matt Jabs says

      No problem Bridgit, you’ll love having these cookies around – the keep great in the freezer. Great to see you and Pete last weekend. 🙂

      • Bridgit Garrett says

        Great to see you guys too!!! I absolutely love this website…so much great information…great job Matt!

        • Matt Jabs says

          Thanks Bridgit. Now that I’m stepping down from my 9-5 job, you can expect to see the posts coming in at a higher frequency too. 🙂 I am also planning the release of a homemade cleaning products eBook soon as well, so stick around. 🙂

  9. Chelsea says

    My second batch is in the oven now! Thanks for taking the time to maintain such a fun and helpful website – more recipes and DIY products please!

  10. Jamie says

    WOWZA! These are like a bread cookie! Amazing! I sub’d pecans in place of walnuts and ground them extra fine 😉 I’m not a fan of a nut crunch…I love ’em! I made 18 bars for my hubby to take w him-he is gone w school then work from 630am-8pm…so these should work great!!!

  11. SanFam says

    Just made these cookies! Really loved them. We added ground flaxseed to boost the “healthy”. This recipe is a keeper! Tip for next batch: add 1/2 or less of the Ghirardelli chocolate chips. A full bag is too much for my little princesses! Thank you for sharing! We made your granola recipe too! EXCELLENT! Looking forward to trying your other recipes!

    • Matt Jabs says

      I love how you take the recipe and make it your own… you have captured the spirit of diyNatural! Keep it up, and keep coming back for more.

  12. Gail says

    These cookies are the best healthy ones I’ve ever tasted and baked! They are absolutely awesome. I love baking . . . what else have you perfected?

    • diyNatural says

      Thanks Gail. We also make homemade Kefir (yogurt like) every day and are crazy about our granola recipe.

  13. Jami says

    How many cookies do you get from the batch?
    I ran this through my Mastercook software to check nutritionals and here are the results:

    Adding only choc chips and craisins to the regular recipe, making 24 cookies, per cookie:
    172 calories, 7g fat, 3g protein, 29 carbs, 2g fiber, 158mg sodium.

  14. ingilizce türkçe sözlük says

    These cookies are soooo good. My wife & I could not believe how much we liked them. This next time I’m going to try the banana substitution! Yummy.

  15. Miriam says

    I made these and they were delish! I think it will be a permanent swap in chocolate chip cookie recipe. Extra tips I found, After I put the batter in zip-lock bags I scored them with a chopstick into 12 squares. It made them real easy to break off and since they were stored flat it saves freezer space.
    Also, about 8 min @ 350 in a toaster oven works perfectly with the frozen dough.

    • Vickie says

      Miriam, thanks for that smart tip! What a good plan. Then you have fresh cookies anytime you want them quick! Love it!

  16. Shena says

    These sound like yummy cookies. I am thinking of adding some ground up flax seed too.

    We make our own vanilla extract. Use 2 vanilla beans cut length wise and 2 cups vodka, let it sit in your cupboard for 2-3 months. Rotate two bottles and just add more vodka.

  17. rurouni says

    hey i really wanna try these cookies .they are exactly what i was searching for . i was just wondering if i could substitute something for the apple sauce
    thanks so much !

  18. Mom says

    Hey! I have been meaning to try these yummy cookies. thanks for the effort to put them together and I see that you used a couple of my recommendations! You are a good boy!

    • DebtFREEk! says

      These cookies are so good! We make batches & just stick most of them in the freezer (like Tante Benita did) so we have them at all times!

      You should definitely try them!

  19. Heath Jabs says

    Those cookies sound like a serious dose of fiber! Love the organization of the site as well as the content. Thanks for all the info on debt elimination. Some of it is stuff I’ve heard repeatedly from multiple sources, but it never hurts to be reminded because we can all get caught up in the fast and furious pace of this modern life thereby causing us to neglect or forget the most basic of biblical principles. Keep the faith and keep up the good work.


    • DebtFREEk! says

      Thanks for the compliments!

      These cookies are soooo good. My wife & I could not believe how much we liked them. This next time I’m going to try the banana substitution! Yummy.

    • Debbie Hayes says

      I have a similar breakfast cookie recipe that I have been making for my diabetic husband for about 2 years. I add peanut butter Simply Jif and use agave syrup and stevia for the sweetners. This helps with the sugar. I also use the old fashioned oats no quick ones. I put my batch in a big old pan on parchment paper and then after 35 minutes on 350 degrees the bar cookies will come out golden. I use a measuring stick to measure out his cookies for two weeks and we are done. I have gone so far as to use fruit cocktail pureed instead of applesauce when I ran out. Those cookies were great. I did not include the grapes of course. My husband is HOOKED on Debbie’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies.
      Thanks for listening and God Bless you and our United States of America!
      Debbie Hayes

      • Matt Jabs says

        Debbie, you should give us the recipe to Debbie’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies, we can publish it as an article here on diyNatural for everyone to enjoy! It would be a huge blessing to any other diabetic readers.