Calming Back to School Nerves with Essential Oils

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Calming Essential Oils

One of my favorite ways to combat nerves is with essential oils. The right calming essential oils can be a wonderful way to reduce nervousness and anxiety.

School is back in session which means homework, more activities, and quite often some nervousness.

Many kids experience anxiety with the return to school, whether from separation, peer pressure, or just a change in routine.

Talking with your kids about their worries and nerves is the first step, but sometimes nervousness continues even after talking.

Today let’s dive in to one of my favorite ways to combat nerves; with essential oils!

Essential Oils in the Classroom

Before I go any further, I would like to make a note about using essential oils in the classroom.

Aromatherapy is a very individualized therapy. Each person has his/her own aroma preferences, individual needs, and even medical history that should be taken into account before using essential oils.

There are a number of other concerns to consider when diffusing in public spaces. This topic is covered very well by The English Aromatherapist in her article, “Diffusing in Classrooms and Public Spaces.”

Basically, do not diffuse in public spaces. There are better options!

How to Use Calming Essential Oils

There are three main ways I like to use calming essential oils, especially for school-related nerves:

  1. Before school in a diffuser blend (home use)
  2. Personal aromatherapy jewelry (like this DIY diffuser pendant)
  3. After school in a diffuser blend (home use)

While simple, diffuser blends and aromatherapy jewelry are very effective, especially with anxiety. Plus each of these blends utilize different calming essential oils that are safe to use with children over age two.

Kid-Safe Calming Essential Oils

My go-to calming essential oils for kids are lavender, bergamot, geranium, palmarosa, sweet orange, sweet marjoram, sandalwood, and vetiver. Each oil works well for certain anxieties and in certain situations. Also, each child is unique! Some may hate the smell of certain essential oils, while they may love others. Pay attention to your child’s personal preferences and let them help pick oils that work best for them.

I’ll share my three favorite recipes with you below. Feel free to switch out oils in these recipes with something that might work better for your child.

1. Before-School Diffuser Blend

This blend combines energizing essential oils with nerve calming essential oils. While that may sound like an oxymoron, there is a way to find a balance between energy and anxiety. Diffuse it near the breakfast table for 30 minutes before kids leave for school.

In this blend, sweet orange and bergamot essential oils energize and uplift, while Roman chamomile and palmarosa oils relieve nervous energy. It is a lovely citrus blend that has become a favorite for busy mornings in our home.

2. During-School Personal Aromatherapy Jewelry Blend

The behind personal aromatherapy jewelry is that your child has something just for them. Each time your child smells the comforting aroma, they may be reminded you are thinking of them or simply be comforted by a familiar smell. If there is a chance the personal aromatherapy jewelry may come in contact with your child’s skin, you should dilute the essential oil blend with an appropriate carrier oil. I always dilute any blend I use on my child because we use our essential oils on a paracord bracelet he wears on his wrist that does come into contact with his skin.

My favorite aromatherapy jewelry blend for nervousness is this combination of lavender, sandalwood, and Roman chamomile essential oils.

After blending in a 1-ounce amber bottle, I apply 2-3 drops of this diluted aromatherapy blend on the outside of my child’s paracord bracelet. I let the oils dry and then clip onto his wrist.

3. After-School Diffuser Blend

This is an aromatherapy blend that I use most frequently after school or even before bedtime. It blends sedating and calming essential oils to help kids wind down after a busy day. Sometimes I diffuse it during our afternoon snack or as we read bedtime stories.

This essential oil blend for anxiety is slightly floral but deeply relaxing. You can add some frankincense for a more earthy aroma or some Roman chamomile for a sweeter aroma. I use this blend for about 30 minutes a few nights a week.

Where to Get Calming Essential Oils

All of the oils mentioned in this article can be found here. All of them are 100% pure, organic, and sourced from a company DIY Natural trusts.

Have you ever used calming essential oils? If so, I would love to hear your favorite blends in the comments below.


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