DIY Potpourri Recipe166

How to Make A Garden-Fresh DIY Potpourri Blend

This DIY potpourri recipe is a great example of what can be made fresh from your own garden. In this recipe I use what I am growing, so take my idea, taylor it to what you’re growing, and make up your own blends!

Benedictine Liqueur Anise Liqueur Herbal124

Herbal Liqueurs You Can Enjoy at Home

Herbal Liqueurs in cocktails, enjoyed responsibly, can actually be a health boost. Benedictine liqueur and anise liqueur are most common, but there are many other options to try and enjoy!

How to Pick a Watermelon81

Learn How to Choose A Good Watermelon

Learn how to pick a watermelon, and be sure to choose one with seeds. The seeds are edible, medicinal, delicious when roasted, and great for urinary health.

Black Elder Itchy Rash Remedies179

Black Alder for Itchy Rash Remedies and Much More

The Black Alder tree has many health benefits including: blood cleanser, lymphatic tonic, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and much more. Learn more and also learn how to alleviate itchy rash with Black Alder.

Morel Mushroom Hunting540

Morel Mushroom Hunting and Morel Look Alikes

Morel mushroom hunting is a storied and cherished pastime. If you’re lucky enough to know where to hunt and what to look for, you’ll be rewarded with, arguably, the most delicious and sought after wild mushroom of all!

Huckleberry Bilberry Health Benefits270

Health Benefits of the Huckleberry (Bilberry) Fruit

Huckleberry (aka Bilberry) is part of the blueberry family. It is a shrubby perennial that grows in most temperate areas. It is high in iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, thiamine, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zinc!