Homemade Bath Crayons21408

Homemade Bathtub Crayons Kids Will Love

Homemade bath crayons! After all, what’s more fun for children than drawing on things they’re not normally supposed to draw on? They’ll love you for this.

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GIVEAWAY: Win a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

The November 2013 DIYNatural.com Giveaway is a $250 Amazon.com gift card! Use it to purchase supplies, Christmas gifts for loved ones, or whatever you want!

Sugar Scrub Recipe5747

How to Make a Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub recipe is a great way to combat bumpy, dry, flaky, red skin. Polish it all away with these moisturizing, exfoliating, energizing ingredients.

Pumpkin Pancakes1707

Healthy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes

This healthy, whole wheat pumpkin pancakes recipe will make you a big hit with your family at breakfast time. These pancakes are healthy AND delicious!

Herbal Oil Infusion5118

How to Make an Easy Herbal Oil Infusion

Herbal oil infusions allow you to create flavored olive oils for use in cooking, as massage oils, bath oils, moisturizers, insect repellents, and more!

Pressure Canner Giveaway629

GIVEAWAY: Pressure Canner ($362 Value)

We’re giving away this All American Pressure Canner to one lucky DIYNatural reader, just in time to help preserve the garden bounty. Help us spread the word!


7 Ways to Create a Sustainable Household

Sustainability is empowering! Learn to implement it into your household so you can save money, consume less, produce more, and live a more meaningful, healthy life.

Eco-Friendly School Supplies453

Eco-Friendly & Natural School Supplies

Eco-friendly school supplies help spread the message of sustainable living to students and teacher alike by setting a responsible example of resourcefulness.

Reusable Food Wrap16908

How to Make Reusable Food Wrap

Reusable food wrap as a plastic wrap alternative makes sense on many levels. It helps reduce waste, is non-toxic, more sustainable, and you saves money.