Home Remedies for Sunburn Aloe Vera286

Home Remedies for Sunburn and Summer Skin Care

When you think of “home remedies for sunburn,” aloe vera comes to mind right away, and for good reason. We compiled several aloe vera based remedies to help bolster your DIY summer skin care routines. Enjoy!

Veggie Chips Recipe Homemade681

A Healthy Homemade Baked Veggie Chips Recipe

You’re going to love this healthy veggie chips recipe! When I realized I could make my own chips at home, I was sold. My own ingredients. My own oil and salt. And a recipe that shows you chips can be healthy! Let’s do it.

DIY Body Butter682

Ultra Moisturizing Three Ingredient DIY Body Butter

DIY body butter is so easy to make, and it is also very useful. Whip some up for a quick gift, a natural moisturizers, or even for baby lotion. I use this easy ultra-moisturizing body butter for everything!