Croup Virus Croup in Infants338

The Croup Virus and How to Treat it Naturally

The croup virus has hit a lot of homes lately, and we learned that natural ways to treat croup in infants isn’t an exact science. Here are a few natural suggestions that help a mild case of croup runs its course.

Homemade Paw Wax Balm Dog990

Homemade All Natural Paw Wax/Balm For Dogs

Homemade paw wax, as the name suggests, is wax for your dog’s paws. It’s a blend of wax and oils that coat the underside of the paw, protect it from the elements, and heal any existing abrasions.

List of Herbs Medicinal Nutrition581

7 Nutritious & Medicinal Herbs You Need To Know

This list of herbs gives you a powerful set of plants to keep on hand for their high nutritional and medicinal values. I keep these seven herbs in my pantry at all times and would love for you to use and enjoy them too!

How to Render Beeswax Clean3495

Learn To Clean and Render Your Own Beeswax

Learn how to render beeswax, and clean it yourself. Yes, it is more convenient to buy the pellets, but if you’re into doing things yourself you can render and clean your own beeswax and enjoy the advantages.