Winter Birds136

Surprising Ways to Help Winter Birds

We love our winter birds. One of my favorite sights is when the cardinals come in to hit our feeder against the white backdrop of snow. Did you know you can also furnish a heated bird bath?

Gift Wrapping Ideas141

Natural and Recycled Ways To Package DIY Gifts

Gift wrapping ideas to help you wrap DIY (and store-bought) gifts in a beautiful way, without breaking the bank. These ideas are also more natural, and less wasteful. Do you have any other creative wrapping ideas? Share them with the community now!


Homemade Crackers (With A Gluten Free Option!)

Finally, a really good homemade cracker recipe! These homemade crackers make a wonderful snack and at a party few things beat a good cracker/cheese platter. Make them as is, or use the gluten-free options. Enjoy!

Benefits of Rosemary712

Benefits of Rosemary and 10 Ways to Use It

The benefits of rosemary make it deserving of a prominent place in our kitchens. It’s uses range from eating in meals, to rosemary tea, to topical applications and more. Enjoy these 10 benefits and healthy ways to use rosemary.