Pain in the Ear Earache Remedy210

Treat Earaches Naturally with Homemade Mullein Oil

Pain in the ear? Consider making homemade mullein oil before reaching for those prescription solutions. This oil is a simple, natural earache remedy and will work whether it is a viral or bacterial ear infection.

Immune Boosting Foods352

7 Immune Boosting Foods and Herbs for Back-To-School

These 7 immune boosting foods and herbs will help you boost your immune system for back-to-school time. As the weather cools it’s good to switch to warming foods like steamed greens, bone broths, and warm grains. Here are a few of my favorite plants that we work into our diet.

Fall Recipes Pumpkin Face Mask282

Simple Fall Beauty Recipes for Your Hair and Face

Fall recipes for beauty are a must because fall is my favorite time of year. Just as pumpkin lattes and pies are in order, so are pumpkin face mask recipes and more! Come with us as we explore the wonderful world of autumn and how the seasonal ingredients can help our homemade beauty recipes

Clean Refrigerator Naturally190

Learn How To Clean Your Refrigerator Naturally!

A clean refrigerator is so much better than a dirty, stinky, messy one! Learn these tips we have discovered to help you clean your refrigerator naturally! From drips of sauces, to broken eggs, to spilt milk–these tips will help you clean it all naturally!

Homemade Apple Chips Recipe562

Make Crispy Apple Chips Without A Dehydrator

You’ll love this apple chips recipe because with it you can make CRISPY, delicious apple chips without a dehydrator. Following this recipe gives me crispy, healthful apple chips every time. Learn how to do it now!

Benefits of Cashews211

Health Benefits and Interesting Facts About the Cashew

Cashews are high in monounsaturated fats—similar to that of olive oil—which is great for heart health. Cashews are also packed full of copper and magnesium, which is great for your bones, blood vessels, and connective tissue. So eat up and enjoy!