Are Rhubarb Leaves Poisonous146

6 Toxic Spring Plants to Avoid Eating this Spring

Are rhubarb leaves poisonous? Is Lily of the Valley poisonous? Is Foxglove poisonous? Let’s find out, and let’s discover three additional Spring plants to avoid eating. Foraging has become more popular in recent years, but we have to make sure we know what we’re looking for!

Garden Tool Maintenance113

Garden Tool Maintenance: A Garden Tool Checkup!

Like with all tools, garden tool maintenance is important. When I put my garden tools away for winter, I clean them off but usually forget about them until spring rolls around. Today I vow to take better care of them! Care to join me?

Perennial Vegetables277

My 5 Favorite Perennial Vegetables for Your Garden

This year, put away the tiller and plant some perennial vegetables. You will eat earlier, work less, and build your soil all at once! Delicious edibles pop up with the first warm days allowing you to eat fresh garden produce much earlier than normal.

Homemade Drawer Freshener2084

Natural Beeswax Drawer Freshener for Your Clothes

I made this homemade drawer freshener because I was tired of the harmful chemicals used in commercial fabric softeners and detergents to mask odors in clothing. The ingredients in my recipe are natural and they work!

DIY Toilet Bombs Toilet Cleaner Bomb7935

DIY Toilet Bombs that Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize

These DIY toilet bombs allow you to deodorize and clean your toilet at the same time. These bombs are a simple homemade toilet bowl cleaner recipe that gets rid of the funk without having to use so much elbow grease!

How to Divide Hostas Irises Perennials1131

The Proper Way to Divide Hostas & Other Perennials

Let’s learn how to divide hostas, irises, and other perennials because Spring is coming and that means transplanting, repotting, and dividing plants. Some plants are easy, you just dig them up and move them, but some take a bit more planning and care.

Benefits of Lemongrass Growing2144

Benefits of Using Lemongrass for Food and Medicine

This article on growing lemongrass, for use in food and medicine, will help you better understand the benefits of lemongrass and help you start growing and using the plant for better health in your every day life.

Homemade Laundry Booster Crystals1060

Natural Scented Homemade Laundry Booster Crystals

It’s actually very simple to add scent to your laundry without spending a fortune! The following recipe for natural, homemade scented laundry crystals will infuse your laundry with the freshness of your favorite essential oil.

St. Patrick's Day Desserts Cupcakes219

Naturally Dyed Green Cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day desserts are always fun, and these naturally colored St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes are not only green and delicious, they’re good for you too! You’ll even get a dose of veggies while eating delicious cake! (Shhh, we won’t tell the kids.)

Inflammation Back Pain Herbs Rememdies467

Natural Herbal Therapies For Your Aching Back Pain

This article focuses on herbs as a natural anti inflammatory therapy, especially for back pain. With proper diet and exercise, herbs can help the body recover much more quickly. The following are my favorite herbs for both internal and external applications.