Kaffir Lime Leaves1324

How to Grow and Use Your Own Kaffir Lime Tree

Kaffir lime leaves come from a thorny lime tree–native to the tropics–whose leaves are useful in many ways. But what if you live north of the tropics? That’s the good news, we’re about to show you how you can grow it, and use it, even if you’re north of the beautiful tropics!


Easy Ways to Overwinter Sensitive Outdoor Plants

I’ve pretty much put all my plants to bed for the winter. I’ve taken some inside, but most of them can stay outside for the winter without being harmed by the cold temperatures. There are a few, however, that need some extra care.

Homemade Cat Toys Treats499

Homemade Toy and Treat Ideas for Your Kitty Cats

You and your kitty will love these homemade cat toy and treat recipes. What cat wouldn’t love a catnip mouse and catnip treats? You can make them any time of year, but they’re great for putting under the Christmas tree for your kitties!

Homemade Dog Treats Toys793

Homemade Dog Treats and Toys Make Great Gifts

These homemade dog treats and toys can be made any time of the year, Christmas just gives you a great excuse. Gift them to your dog, and make some extras to give as gifts to the fellow dog lovers in your life.

Homemade Stain Remover449

DIY Stain, Spill, and Odor Removers for the Holidays

These homemade stain remover and odor eliminator solutions are all-natural and perfect for holiday parties, where someone ALWAYS manages to spill wine, gravy, or worse. This year clean your holiday messes naturally, and with confidence!

Homemade Bath Salts Detox Holidays473

Homemade Holiday Bath Salts: Relax and Detoxify!

Homemade bath salts for the holidays! The stress of the holidays can lead to poor diet and even illness, so it’s time to relax and detoxify! One of the easiest ways to detox is to soak in a bath full of effective, detoxifying ingredients like these.

Health Benefits of Moringa477

Health Benefits of Moringa and Ways to Use the Tree

Ah the amazing health benefits of Moringa! Moringa is a fast-growing, drought-tolerant tree with many uses for health and beauty. You can grow it anywhere in-doors, or out-doors if you live within the USDA hardiness zones of 9-10.

Homemade Coffee Creamer1466

Homemade Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer Recipe

I love this homemade coffee creamer because the instant I see that first blanket of snow, I find myself craving gingerbread cookies and peppermint mochas. Plus it is sweetened naturally, unlike any store bought stuff!