How to Build a Solar Dehydrator1904

How to Build a Solar Dehydrator

Learning how to build a solar dehydrator is easier than you may think. It’s a fun project that will equip you with an inexpensive solution for drying food.

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How to Make A Child’s Nature Journal

Children love to explore their environment, so when they discover plants, compile the results in a nature journal so they have a record of what they find!

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25 Secrets For Making Amazing Soap at Home

These 25 soap making tips will save you a lot of time and trouble. Years of mistakes and trial-and-error have forged the soap making secrets you’re about to discover!

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Are Raw Green Smoothies Really Healthy?

Kale smoothie recipes are all over the Internet. Unfortunately they may be leading you astray. Discover the true secret to a healthy kale smoothie here.

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How to Keep Your Garden Safe From Birds

Learn how to keep birds out of your garden naturally. Birds do eat mosquitos and wasps, but it’s best if they keep their appetites away from our gardens!