Sugar Scrub Recipe5737

How to Make a Vanilla Chai Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub recipe is a great way to combat bumpy, dry, flaky, red skin. Polish it all away with these moisturizing, exfoliating, energizing ingredients.

Pumpkin Pancakes1731

Healthy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes

This healthy, whole wheat pumpkin pancakes recipe will make you a big hit with your family at breakfast time. These pancakes are healthy AND delicious!

Natural Cough Remedies5100

How To Make Your Own Natural Cough Syrup

Natural cough remedies, made at home using simple and natural ingredients like elderberries, can be made into a simple cough syrup to take at the first sign of a cough.


16 Antioxidant-Rich Foods To Be Eating

Antioxidant foods help eliminate free radicals, which cause damage (or even death) to your body’s cells; this list contains 16 foods packed with antioxidant power.