Village Green Network

Matt and Betsy of have partnered with the Village Green Network to bring you this list of online retailers dedicated to Real Food and Sustainable Living. Below are all the categories in the Village Green Network MarketplaceThis is the only online resource of it’s kind, and we’re proud to bring it to you! We are highly selective and will never endorse products or services we don’t believe in and/or use ourselves. All the companies represented here are reputable and trustworthy – they wouldn’t be in the Marketplace if we didn’t believe in them!

Real Food and Sustainable Living Resources

Books and MagazinesClasses and Meal Plans
Babies and KidsBeveragesFats Oils and Coconut ProductsFermented Foods
GrainsHome and CleaningKitchen and CookingMeat Seafood and Dairy
Personal CareSnacksSupplementsWater Purification

What If There Are No Listings Under A Category?

If you don’t see anything under a category, it means we either don’t have a sponsor or they are not showing up at the current time. Please check back; we are adding more listings all the time.

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Local Listings

We love to support local food! Under each category you may see companies that are local to you. Some of these are “geo-targeted” listings that will only show up for people in your local area. In other words, if you look at the site in another city or state, you may not see the listing. This is a way to help smaller sponsors advertise in their local communities, or just in the states where they sell their products or services.